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Yo Berries

House:48 (Suite B1), Road: 11, Block C, Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Not the real PinkBerries

Sep 20, 2014

Am a big of frozen yogurt. I go Ga Ga anywhere in abroad where I see the famous Frozen Yogurt chain called "PinkBerries". I was absolutely trilled when in Banani 11 YoBerries were opened. However since then it only brought disappointment every time I stepped inside. My first experience : U get to try only one flavour as sample! How does that help? By minimising the risk by 1% of having a flavour u won't like? I don't completely blame them as I suppose people will then only visit to taste rather ordering any. But then again Club Gelato is not suffering for giving away free tasting! Rather they are expanding. The flavours: Intitaly they had enough flavours but the last time I went there wasn't many to choose from. The topping collection also went down. My suggestion to YoBerries: If u offer tasting do it properly. Otherwise don't. My suggestion to the foodies :If u haven't ever tasted frozen yogurt, in Dhaka this is the closest u will get. Try not to press the handle for long under one flavour. (As the charge system is on weight) Mix N Match with little bit of multiple flavours.