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FR Tower (Ground Floor) 32 Kamal Ataturk Avenue Banani, Dhaka

Best Burger in town?! You r kidding me right?

Jul 26, 2014

I have heard so much about The Burgers of Preetom so today I took take away from their shop. Beef burger, chicken burger and chicken chowmein. Chowmein was over cooked and limp. Getting the strong flavor of Soy sauce and vinegar. Not that good. Beef burger has 2 strips of 'beef bacon' and it has smokey flavor which is nice, The meat is processed meat (Beef keema) also smokey flavor, cheese and lots of mayo. Meat was pink inside and I didn't find it tasted great! The mayo was good though. My dad had the chicken and he is like why the chicken tastes like its old or probably ager din er meat? Anyway, why people love it so much? I find its like the burger street cart behind the Westin and that was way too cheap.Prettom burger doesn't worth 280tk at all.. No sir!!!

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The Glasshouse Brasserie

6th Floor, House # 6A, Road # 113, Gulshan 1212 Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Glasshouse Brasserie Iftarr and buffet dinner

Jul 26, 2014

Here goes another Review! Restaurant: The Glasshouse Brasserie Iftarr and buffet dinner. Price: 850tk flat per person. The 1st thing we didn't like that the had setup our table just infront of the Washroom!!! Whereas we have reserved 11 days ago and requested to setup our table in a corner or a nice place. But they didn't do it! When we tried to talk with the manger what we got The Attitude! We didn't have the time or else we surely would have left the place. Anyways cool down! Now the food. Items were pretty much standard! They served pink lemonade which is lemonade with strawberry syrup and mineral water on the table. There was dates, Chola, was fantastic. It had some chaat masala in there so the taste enhanced for that masala, piyaju, it was sour! beguni, no taste at all! vegetable pakora which was great, limp potato chop! Salad as usual taste, dahi wada, its was okay I have tasted better, beef halim was good. The dinner items- Tehari, its was edible. Vegetable fried rice, it was stale and they forgot to put salt in there!! Hello Chef, you know there is an ingredient called SALT and you have to put it on the food some times and you need to cook rice properly...Anyways, vegetable Chowmean, another disaster! Dry, noddles wasn't good I was smelling ata moyda from it, didn't boli it properly at all.. Disgusting! Sweet and sour chicken, chicken was good. Beef chilli onion, it was hard and chewy. What chef? You want some cooking lesson again or something? Thai mixed vegies, it was okay. Paratha, was good but got cold and hard. Aluu dum, Absolutely Delicious. I would love to have that in my brekkie plz! Desert: Firni was good but too sweet. And fruit cocktail was good. All in all it was not bad except the seating arrangement!

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Loiter D85

Ground Floor, House-85, Block-D, Road-8, Banani Model Town Dhaka

Nice chilling place and I liked the Washroom :D

Sep 22, 2014

We have had a great get together with some Amazing Foodies and a Food Testing event in Loiter D 85 organized by Dhaka Foodies. The place is nice for chilling with friends or even family. Though they need to clean up their smoking zone more! Now my review here will focus on what I have tasted and what it made me feel. 1) B.B.Q Hot wings- I would have liked it better if it was hot. I liked how it tasted but still its a bit sweet for me. 2) Pop chicken- Chicken tasted very good and it was crispy. Though they say its a children's dish but I liked it and it can be a good snack. 3) Lolipop chicken- Another children's dish which I liked :p Whats wrong with me?! I am not a child! Anyways I eat what I like. Chicken was very tender inside and crispy outside. 4) Grill chicken- It was done in medium well done. Chicken was tender but too sweet for my taste bud. 5) B.B.Q chicken with chili sauce- Didn't like the chicken but I loved their fried rise and veggies which they served with the dish. 6) Beef Tenderloin pepper steak- Well what can I say about this one? It was just the name Beef Tenderloin! Not the good cut and ot was pounded very hard to made it thin. All the juices and flavor was gone from the meat. They just Murdered a Steak! You need to learn how to make a steak! You hear Chef? 7) Steak and cheese sub- This one was good. Its our version of Sub right? It had mayo, roasted beef, cheese, onions. It tasted good and the bun was great. 8) Chicken Submarine- This was tasted better, Garnished with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, mayo sauce. I liked it. 9) Chicken pasta- It would have been better if the chef used Cheddar cheese to make the white sauce not just cream and milk. I could have tasted better. Didn't like it at all! 10) Chicken brochette- I like their chicken brochette. Its tender, the rice is perfect, french fries are rightly done crispy and the coleslaw was a bit sweet. I will definitely eat this dish again. Thats all I have tasted. List seems huge right? But believe me we have just tasted, we didn't eat :) I will be back with another review soon. Till then, eat what looks good and taste it all. Ciao

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Khazana Restaurant

House NW(I)-8, Road 51, Gulshan 2, 1212 Dhaka

Kabab Fest

Feb 14, 2016

I have tested the Kabab's and I really liked the food. The Jugalbandi kabab was interesting. I liked the stuffed mutton keema inside the kabab. The Hariyali was nice as well. Over all I liked the kabab's.


dae jang geum

House-11/B, Road-50 Gulshan 2, 1212 Dhaka

One of the great Restaurant in Dhaka!

Sep 30, 2014

My review this time will be short and sweet :) Lots of light in this Restaurant and we can see what we are eating thats a plus for me! We have tried many dishes in here. BBQ Sea food, Bulgogi, glass noodles, chicken salad, dae jang geum roll, shrimp tempura, chicken fried rice, lamb chop, dak gangjung chilli sauce and their kimchi's ooo love Kimchi. Its too tough to find anything wrong with the dishes when the Chef is super duper skilled in her cooking yep its a She :) Bulgogi was a bit sweet for me, chicken was was good, tempura crispy, glass noodles was cooked in perfection, beef was sweet and savory. We all loved their food but finger licking good was for me BBQ Sea food. Its absolutely amazing to taste. All spices were balanced and a bit hot just as I like it :) I also loved their Fried rice as well. I am definitely going to have some more :)