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Cafe Droom

13th of KB Square, 736 Satmosjid Road (9/A), Dhanmondi Dhaka

It's okay!

Dec 24, 2014

Peri Peri Chicken Price: Tk 525 It’s served with either rice or mashed potato with vegetables, depend on what you choose. The chicken was good, soft and tender; however it lacked the actual peri peri flavor in it. The vegetable was well cooked and taste good. The mashed potato was okay but it would have been better with a gravy on the side. I like my mashed potato with gravy and as you can see from the picture, it didn’t come with gravy. The portion was okay however as they served it in such a gigantic plate, it made the portion look small. One of the dishes I will recommend is their Thai soup. I forgot to take the picture. It cost Tk 180. The portion for one person is quite big. I had to share it with my friend as I couldn’t finish it by myself. As usual the soup can be served either thick or clear and they will ask you whether you want it spicy or not. I ordered it spicy. My friend ordered the Chicken pasta, which I would not recommend. The white sauce literally tasted like flour and the pasta was not cooked properly, which was surprising as she was the last one to get her food. The chicken pasta cost Tk 330. Their service was slow but the behaviors of the servers were satisfactory. They forgot our drinks which we have to ask again after they served all of our food. The interior was good and I liked their seating style. It’s a good place for friends hang out. Before we pay our bill, they gave us a feedback survey to complete.

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North End Coffee Roasters

Lakeshore Hotel (Gulshan 2), Road 42. House 46, Dhaka 1212

Best Brownie!!!

Apr 05, 2015

I love their Brownie. To me it's the best brownie in the world. Soft, moist and very chocolaty. Love their lattes, remind me of Starbucks. :)



Road 10, Block D, Banani 1213 Dhaka, Bangladesh


Jan 02, 2015

Went to Grill n’ Patty and ordered two different types of burger. Sloppy Burger Tk 180 When we see or hear the name sloppy, the first thing that comes to our mind is messy. So that’s exactly what came to my mind when I ordered the Sloppy Burger in Grill n Patty. However the burger wasn’t messy but it taste really good. I really loved their patty; it is really soft and juicy. They put two types of onions, raw and caramelized; I love the caramelized onions cause it gives a different but a good taste to the burger. The burger was topped with some of my favorite toppings like pickles, jalapenos and mushrooms. Rating: 8/10 Sautéed Mushroom Beef Cheese Burger Price: Tk 180 One word: Amazing. I love this burger. One of the juiciest patty topped with sautéed mushroom, pickles, jalapeños and cheese. Whenever I go to Grill n Patty, I order this one. The moment you take a bite, different flavors just burst in your mouth. The best thing is you can get such an amazing burger in such a reasonable price. I would highly recommend the burger and this place to the people who love burgers. Rating: 9/10