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Smoke Music Café

Hakam Foundation, 6th floor, House:98, Road: 11, Block:C, Banani Dhaka


Dec 30, 2014

Great food, great ambiance. I wasnt dissatisfied with one dish of theirs. The steaks are superb!

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Dec 15, 2014

The food is great, nice comfy atmosphere. Lot of food per serving which tastes great :) Tried nachos and quesadilla and loved them. Oh and fried icecream! Always wanted to try it and there they had it in the menu! :D Though the ice cream is not literally fried as I thought :P


Punizz Kitchen

Concept Tower (5th floor), 68-69, Green Road, Dhaka

Totally satisfied

Dec 15, 2014

Most of my dessert cravings are met by them, since they opened. For customized fondant cakes they really are the best in town currently. The artworks are improving every day. What I like most is the variety of desserts they offer and the package deals are great. Personal favourite is their cheesecakes and Banofee pastries. I dont mind paying the price when they are absolutely worth it.


Boomers Cafe

Anam Rangs Plaza (3rd Floor) House No:61, Rd No:6/A Dhanmondi,Dhaka

Very good budget friendly restaurant

Jun 25, 2014

Price: Most items range from 180-350. Students' pocket friendly. Food: I've going to Boomers for 10 years now and 95% of the time I end up ordering the Chinese set menu. You can order rice/chowmein/mixed along with 2/3/4 gravy items. This item ranges from 250-300 (as far as I remember) depending on the no of gravy items and the amount+price+taste does good justice to your stomach+wallet. The rice and chowmein is decent. The beef chilli, chicken chilli, prawn chilli all tastes similar. The moncholian chicken I prefer as the pieces of chicken kinda melt in the mouth. The shadder beef has this spicy grilled taste, which I like. Never ordered the vegetable, may be because of the "why get vegetables when you can have meat" thought. I've seen my Indian and Nepali friends liking the tadka daal, butter naan, palak paneer and the butter chicken quite much. Tried them and liked them. The burger is decent, can't tell I'm very fond of it. Branch locations: Very easy to find, stands on prime locations of Dhaka city. Been to Dhanmondi, Banani and Baily road outlet. And the location matters, trust me! You wouldn't like to be roaming around trying to find a place when thousands of rats are running a marathon in your stomach :) Ambience: Nice, clean interior with soothing lighting. They got 4 sitters, 6 sitters and large, comfy, wall adjacent sofa seats for 8-10 people together. I think any branch can easily accommodate 80-100 people. Convenient for event gatherings/reunions. Customer service: Well trained stuffs. Can't complain. The Chinese set menu is served instantly, most of the other foods take about 15-20 minutes to be served. My overall rating would be 8/10.