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Coffee World

Gemcon Building (1st Floor), House 44, Road 27 (Old) 16 (New), Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209

No need to waffle about

Oct 10, 2016

Have never tried waffles elsewhere in Dhaka, so I can't really compare, but I thoroughly enjoyed my waffle from Coffee World. Had my driver pick it up as I had a lot of work to catch up on. The waffles and strawberry topping were in separate containers and the waffles had a bit of powdered sugar sprinkled atop which. Perfectly acceptable belgian waffles that were definitely freshly made. The waffles were a little dark, but did not taste overcooked. Comparable to an average American diner's waffles, or at least, homemade belgian waffles, so for the price and the odd waffle craving, perfectly fine. The strawberry compote/topping were basically your run of the mill strawberry shortcake topping, but again, considering everything, not bad at all. My picture only has 1 waffle quarter as I'd already scarfed the other 3 down before realizing I should document my venture. If you're craving some basic waffles in Dhanmondi, I'd definitely recommend.

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Al Fresco

Rangs Nasim Saquare (2nd floor), house:275/D(old) 46 kha (new), road-27(old)16(new) Dhaka

Al Fresco

Oct 08, 2016

Got the over-hyped pasta basta for 285tk. For the price it's not bad. Better than the mayonnaise drenched pastas dubbed as "Italian" at other places, but I can undoubtedly make better myself. Lots of mozzarella on top and seems to be authentically baked. Generous amounts of capsicum and chicken, though a few more mushrooms would be nice. My issue was that something about the pasta itself was tangy, like maybe they put lemon juice in it? Please refrain from using citrus in a pasta bake… Also, a little too spicy for me, but I prefer pasta to be mild and the average Dhaka dweller will likely be fine with it. A plus is the portion size, as you certainly get a decent amount of pasta for what you're paying. I've gotten naan from here before as well, which is nice and at 40tk a piece very reasonable for what you're getting. Definitely not made in a tandoor oven, but it tastes good. Doesn't have the odd aroma the random street side "naan" in Dhaka tends to have. Taste-wise acceptable, and considering the price, recommendable.

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Sushi in Dhanmondi

Sep 19, 2016

As an expat, I've always been reluctant to try sushi in Dhaka. However, I found this restaurant added to Foodpanda's selections, googled it, and gave it a shot. I am very pleased both with the fact that I didn't get sick and the food itself. I ordered the 12 piece traditional platter which came with 2 tuna nigiri, 2 salmon nigiri, 4 salmon maki, and 4 tuna maki with a wasabi mayonnaise drizzle and some wasabi paste and pickled ginger. The tuna and salmon on the nigiri were soft and fresh and the maki were good, especially the wasabi mayonnaise. I also ordered a chicken don buri bowl which comes with spiced chicken and scrambled eggs atop a bed of rice. This was average, though using the traditional sushi rice gave it an interesting touch. This is not Nobu, but it is a wonderful addition to Dhanmondi's delivery service, and I'd just like to thank the owners and managers for bringing authentic Japanese food to Dhaka and the Dhanmondi area despite the uncertain political climate. I look forward to trying out more of their dishes.

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Shad Tehari Ghar

House no - 2/4, block- C, Lalmatia, Road No: 16 (NEW) 27 (OLD) Dhanmondi, Dhaka- 1209

Great food for value

Feb 19, 2017

Moist chicken with charred tomatoes and onions - actually a boti kabab but delicious nonetheless. Garlic naan very thick fluffy and filling, more 'deshi' style than indian.