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Flavours Music Cafe

Rangs K.B Square, 736, Level 6, Satmosjid Road, 9/A Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209


Jan 09, 2015

I visited the place quite a long time back with my bf, my experience wasn't very pleasant. I am not sure if they have improved or not. I'll start with the food. Tbh, the food was good. We ordered the Lasagna, Bbq wings (Forgot the actual name. Prolly, it is the actual name), Blue Lagoon drink and a coke. The Lasagna was yummy, filled with meat and cheese. The bbq wings were the best, had this awesome smoky flavor and the garlic sauce served with it was too good. The blue lagoon drink, I don't know, was really weird tasting. we didn't like it at all and the whole drink was wasted. What is really surprising is that my bf went again to flavors with his mum (a few days ago), his mum ordered the same drink. However, they have changed the whole drink. We were served with a blue milk shake, but now they serve a blue fizzy refreshing drink that tastes waaaay better. Thank God they changed it. The environment wasn't very comforting. Since, I went their with my bf, we needed some privacy. But, the waiter there was standing right beside our table and kept staring at us. Not that we wanted to do some hanky panky but the way he stared at us made us very uncomfortable. I don't judge a restaurant just by it's food. So, you are looking for just good food or, you want to takeaway your food than FMS is the right choice.


Burger Jerks

Dhanmondi 3/A, Dhaka 1205

So Cheesy!

Jan 09, 2015

Yesterday, I ordered the Double Beef Cheese Burger with extra Bacon (260+40). The burger was so CHEESY *.* It was actual cheese not some mustard sauce. When I had my first bite I was totally blown away with the taste. The patty was HUGE and was packed with flavors. The bacon was also a bit OVER SIZED. With all the goodness accumulated together this restaurant deserves a 10/10. Not to mention, the staff were very friendly, they visited us twice to ask how the food was. It was really comforting.


Ramly Burger

Shimanto Square, Road No. 2, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Good service.

Jan 08, 2015

I am very fond of fish burgers and that's why I chose the place. I ordered the Regular Fish Burger. They used the packet fillets so I was a little disappointed, but they put generous amount of salad and sauce which made it stand out. Also, one thing I noticed that they didn't use any oil to fry the patty, they placed the patty on the dry stove flipped it over a few times until it got brown. So, if your looking for a healthier choice I'd recommend you to go for it. The attendants are very well behaved, they will greet you with a smile and will try to make your experience a good one.



Shimanto Square, Road 2, Dhanmondi, 1216 Dhaka

Nothing special.

Jan 08, 2015

I ordered the Spicy Chicken Cheese Sandwich (180tk) and honestly, it had nothing special about it. They used very regular Chilli sauce, I could even distinguish the brand of the sauce. The fillings were very little and didn't go messy at all. Also, when I went to order the attendant had a very gloomy face which made me feel a very uncomfortable. Not going there again.


Triangle Cafe

House no 41, Road no 3/A, Dhanmondi, 1209 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Good food and nice decor.

Jan 08, 2015

Although, the location is a bit uncoventional but when I reached there I was totally wowed with their decorations. It wasn't too fancy yet looked so beautiful. Their menu isn't much complex either , it consists of a few food items, so it is actually easier to order. I ordered the Fat Burger (160 tk). It took them quite a while to serve a single burger, that's where they lose a point. Another is that, since they are located beside the lake it is likely that there will be a lot of mosquitoes, but I didn't see them taking any precautions for that. And thus, my feet were slaughtered by the mosquitoes. When the food arrived I was impressed with the size of the burger. The burger didn't have a proper patty but it was filled with meat. It also had good amount of mushrooms and onions, just the way I like. However, it was a little spicy, since I like my food to be spicy, it was okay for me. If you like mild flavor this isn't your place.