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House: 32, Level- 3, Road: 11, Banani, Dhaka


Feb 05, 2016

Foodbook is the currently the new kid on the block, opening its doors to customers in Banani 11 to pretty stiff competition. The place has very nice interiors and also a pretty innovative photo booth, the little references to facebook here and there create a very fun environment. Now lets get down to the food, but before the food lets talk about their service. Their service was clumsy and their waiters are unprofessional. I visited with two other friend, and we all ordered the Chicken parmigiana, Fried rice, Sunny side up egg, Garden salad & chips. They served up the food pretty fast, but the problem was they served my other two friends and not me. When I made a query they one waiter said mine would be done in a minute. After waiting for nearly 15 minutes I asked the manager about my order and turns out something wen't wrong with their computer and my order didn't get sent to the kitchen. After waiting quite some more time, they informed me that they no longer had any rice or egg left, which is weird considering we were there for lunch. So as a compensation I got the Chicken parmigiana and french fries and still had to pay full price. The food chicken also was bland and the stand out flavor was the tomato sauce they poured on it. Portions were unsatisfactory and overall not a good dining experience. Worst part being my friends finished long before they even started making my food, also sad part was all I got was a poor excuse. The manager told me "We didn't receive such demand in the last few days so we were not prepared, sorry" .

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Kung Food

3 Gausul-Azam Avenue, Dhaka- 1230

Not your everyday Roadside Chinese

Apr 07, 2016

This is the perfect place to go to for a quick bite of Chinese food. Very much affordable, and their food tastes pretty good too. They are prepared to serve up a wide array of chinese items. A major draw back would be the wait time, and the location. If you order you will have to stand or sit outside their restaurant as this is not a dine in store.


BFC (Best Fried Chicken)

Meher Plaza, House-13/A, Road-5, Dhanmondi, Dhaka - 1205

Cheap prices, debatable quality.

Apr 01, 2016

So BFC, I'm pretty sure a huge chunk of the city dwellers has visited this fast joint. Gaining it's fame from cheap prices,BFC gained popularity amongst people looking to grab a tasty bite at low prices. Although with low prices come much compromises. The fried chicken is usually never friend properly, you can both taste and see the spices and herbs still stuck to the the chickens skin. Most parts of the fried chicken is bland and lack flavor, the only reason to have it would be because of it's crispness. The one item on their menu which they execute perfectly though, is their Super burger. The only reason I still go BFC is for this burger alone. Crispy goodness priced very cheaply, this is a must try.


George's Cafe

House-2, Road-10, Sector-1, Uttara Dhaka

A fallen star

Apr 01, 2016

Before I start let me tell you, this place during it's inauguration was spectacular. Fell in love with the food and the reasonable prices. However, fast forward to current times, the cafe was turned out to disappoint. The food is just not the same. The brownie is not as chocolaty and has a crumb like texture. The hot chocolate again failed to deliver in the chocolate department, and the chicken wraps that my friends ordered turned out to be bland. The quality of the cafe has dropped, not to mention their cupcakes which are a mere shadow of what they once were.



Road-11, Banani, Dhaka

Peri Bowl=Great value meal

Apr 01, 2016

The Peri Bowl is Nandos at it's best, everything on the bowl compliments each other rather well. The standout star of the show being the creamy mash potatoes, leaves you wanting more. The spicy rice isn't super spicy and maintain a proper balance. The chicken strips are well grilled, and the sunny side egg and corn salsa add a healthy twist to the meal.The drink accompanying the meal is a breath of fresh air.