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  • 300 Feet Road, Bashundhara R/A, 1229 Dhaka
  • 01726456088, 01730358002
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Tanha Islam

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WASTE of money

We went today before iftari as the weather was so good but the food ruined the mood totally!! Here comes my review: We ordered two set iftari set menus which is "A", come with: 1/4 chicken BBQ: 6/10 ( because it was not soft at all, had hard time to cut it) Side dish of your choice: Arabian rice: 3/10 ( normal soggy fried rice with lots of sauce and cashew) / fried rice: 5/10 mixed fruit salad with chatt masala: 4/10 (tasted too sweet) Chickpea salad 6/10 ( too spicy) lassi 2/10 (I bet it was made with sweet curd which expired 1 week back, it tasted so awful) / lemon juice: 10/10 Lebanese mayo : 10/10 Coleslaw: 6/10 (it tasted weird too) Service was okayish. The place is conjested Never ever going back.

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Food Quality
Customer Service
Value for Money
We waited for...
20 min(s) (Dine-in)
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Approx. TK 350 (Casual Hangout)
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