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Fabiha Hossain

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Pizza Burger!!!

Who doesn't like a burger? And what if it's inside two mini pizzas? I know, it can be the best combination ever! So, when I heard about a new item 'Pizza Burger' is launching at Comic Cafe I couldn't delay as I am a both Pizza and Burger lover. I've tried Pizzas from Comic Cafe Khilgaon before so I knew that they are quite good when it comes to pizza. In the pizza burger, there was a beef patty inside two mini pizza. Pizzas were good as always. Even in such a small sized pizza, there was enough amount of toppings. But the patty on the inside is something they have too work on more. I couldn't find any speciality in the patty. It was a very very ordinary beef patty. But the garlic sauce, ketchup and the pizza all together made a very good flavor. It was definitely worth a try. One whole pizza burger can make your tummy full if you are not a monster. Price - 290+ vat I tried Pasta Polo too. It was okay but not something I'll try again. Somehow I felt like, Khilgaon Comic Cafe is better when it comes to customer service. Because here, it was a mess. All the waiters were so confused. We had to wait for 40 mins and after finishing the food they served the drinks. So, it was something that I didn't like.

Pasta Comic Cafe Pizza Burger

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40 min(s) (Dine-in)
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Approx. TK 350 ()

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