Royal Restaurant
  • 44,Harnath Ghosh Road,Lalbagh-1211
  • 8627168, 01912-831456
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Afshana Diya

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Absolutely awful !

After listening lot about this 'so called' famous restaurant of Puran dhaka, We went for having iftar there! From the SERVICE to FOOD Quality, everything was total DISAPPOINTMENT! Grilled chicken and beef kebab was so COLD, DRY and BLAND . so as peshwari parata...there was even no sauce with grilled! we tried hard to eat something as we were starving. but then we saw COCKROACH habitat, just beside the table. even lot of baby cockroach came to greet us! Pesta badaner sorbot was the only tasty and unique food until we found hair in it! Sorry for writing such a bad review, but I think people should know it before they struggle to go that far by listening all the royal stuffs! P.S they made excuse like all this because of ramazan and high demand. If someone goes after ramazan and get good service, let me know!

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