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Nabil Ayub

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Foodbook is the currently the new kid on the block, opening its doors to customers in Banani 11 to pretty stiff competition. The place has very nice interiors and also a pretty innovative photo booth, the little references to facebook here and there create a very fun environment. Now lets get down to the food, but before the food lets talk about their service. Their service was clumsy and their waiters are unprofessional. I visited with two other friend, and we all ordered the Chicken parmigiana, Fried rice, Sunny side up egg, Garden salad & chips. They served up the food pretty fast, but the problem was they served my other two friends and not me. When I made a query they one waiter said mine would be done in a minute. After waiting for nearly 15 minutes I asked the manager about my order and turns out something wen't wrong with their computer and my order didn't get sent to the kitchen. After waiting quite some more time, they informed me that they no longer had any rice or egg left, which is weird considering we were there for lunch. So as a compensation I got the Chicken parmigiana and french fries and still had to pay full price. The food chicken also was bland and the stand out flavor was the tomato sauce they poured on it. Portions were unsatisfactory and overall not a good dining experience. Worst part being my friends finished long before they even started making my food, also sad part was all I got was a poor excuse. The manager told me "We didn't receive such demand in the last few days so we were not prepared, sorry" .

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