Chaap Shamlao

Chaap Shamlao

  • 42, Garib-E-Nawaz Road, Sector 13, Uttara, 1230 Dhaka
  • 01976699220
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Cuisine Indian, Bangladeshi
Cost per Foodie Tk 100-200
Good for Small Group
Time 2:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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Mehjabeen Haque

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average taste

tried their beef chaap, chicken chaap, brain fry & salad. taste as usual, nothing special.

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Saeed Rahman

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Horlicks Tea

I have tried heir chicken chaap,beef chaap,koyel pahir chaap. combo meals and obviously their tea,which i like the most somehow. Later i found out that that they add horlicks to it to make that taste. Anyways I liked their interior concept.

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Rashedul Huq

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Stay away!!

Went to Chaap Shamlao Uttara yesterday with some friends to try this modern and trendy take on old school delicacies which we have tasted many times at Old Dhaka and Mustakin of Mohammadpur. Wanted to see whether the habit of ripping people off is still going on or whether the restaurateurs actually serves food to make people happy and satisfied and not to earn a quick buck by ripping them off making it a one time visit. Well. I am sorry to say, it is still the same. We ordered 3 beef chaaps, 6 luchis, 1 'Garden Salad' and 3 cold drinks. Beware! They will rip you off if you order 'Garden Salad'... Their version of a garden salad is to serve you with round slices of cucumber, carrots and lettuces with few sliced onions and lemons. NO DRESSING. Not even a little mayonaise or yoghurt or even a drizzle of olive oil. And they didn't even include tomatoes, which is the seasonal vegetable now. And it will cost you Tk 60. In what twisted alternate world, does a garden salad does not have dressing in it?! That's just unthinkable. This is a new version of punishing people for coming to your restaurant to eat! Only in Bangladesh does this happen... Shame shame! BTW the lettuces were not washed properly. They couldn't even perfect this plan of ripping people off. That's not just sad...that's shamefully depressingly sad.... As for the beef chaaps which we ordered, it was satisfactory, but not anything to talk about. The beef was seasoned well and was juicy. It will melt in your mouth but the quantity of beef is low. A little trick is going on there as well!... A little heavily seasoned batter is mixed with the beef and deep fried so that the chaap looks bigger, but inside the quantity of beef is 60-70% only. The most weird thing is the sauce. Who in the world eats beef chaap with tomato sauce?!! The moment you mix it, the sauce overpowers the juicy beef taste and all you can taste is tomato sauce. A sauce should compliment the dish, not overpower it. The luchis' were mediocre, not crispy but soft, almost like a 'parata' or nan. Final verdict: Just stay away from it. You are better off travelling to Old Dhaka or Mohammadpur then to go here. Yes, you will suffer in traffic jams and much time will be lost, but at least you won't get ripped off and served food that is designed to give as little as possible for money as high as possible.

Beef chaap

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Customer Service
Value for Money
Food Quality
We waited for...
15 min(s) (Dine-in)
We spent...
Approx. TK 205 (Casual Hangout)

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