"Meat" me halfway.

PUBLISHED:Mar 28, 2016 | UPDATED:01:39 PM, Mar 30, 2016

I remember a time back when burgers first became mainstream in Dhaka all thanks to FFC and BFC, when chicken burgers were the only variety of meat sold between two buns. But today, you have an endless abundance of burger shops, carts and restaurants all over Dhaka selling gourmet burgers in ANY way you can think of it; and more!

But what does it take to start up your own burger restaurant? Well for starters its ambition.

Take the owner of Naga Inc. for example. He saw a lack of food carts, and planned to monetise – leading to one of the first few burger carts in Dhaka.

When asked why Naga (one of the spiciest chillies) was the inspiration, Fahin bhaia replied with what I honestly should’ve seen coming (I mention this because I myself am Sylheti) - “I studied in the UK and during my time, most of the first, second or third generation British born Bangladeshi families I have met, were mostly from Sylhet and not to generalise, a majority of them either love or have at least one jar of Mr.Naga (a pickle made out of naga chilli) at all times in their cupboards.” Living up to their spicy inspiration with burgers like the TrueNaga and SuperNaga.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Madchef right? I mean who hasn’t. Anyone and everyone in the know has been here (I assume), and I bet you’re wondering what inspired Labib bhaia to start it up? A Business graduate, one day he decides to invest in his own burger place. Why? Just because. From a succesful foodcart in Dhanmondi, all the way to branches in Banani, he’s got it made.

Boasting a wide set of choices like the Madame Lucy, Naga Blast, and new additions like the Smokin’ Chick and The Cuban, there’s no way you’ll have any issues with choice. (Unless you’re THAT picky, then good luck to you)

And yes let’s not forget the much talked about Burger Lab, at the heart of NSU and IUT-ians alike, owned by 4 ex-students. Starting with only a humble 90 sqaure feet of space, they hired a proffesional chef that helped them gain experience and create their own recipies (that’s right, two of them are the chefs!).

They’ve now expanded to 600 square feet of space with specials like BBQ Radiation, the Burger Lab Legacy, and many more for your tastebuds to feast on.

So if a bunch of students, an idea and some incentive can lead to some of the best burger places Dhaka has to offer, what’s holding you back?


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