Got a "pizza" what it takes to own a pizzeria?

PUBLISHED:May 16, 2016 | UPDATED:12:30 AM, Jul 16, 2016
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade,

you’ll know the cult status of the fast food product that is pizza.

Doughy bread, melty cheese, toppings of your picking and a god-like status to go, pizza’s are a favourite amongst people of all ages, especially teenagers. Obviously you have your multi-national chains and franchises like Pizza Hut and Sbarros, but what about the people that own home and family-run pizzerias? What does it take to be a purveyor of such fantasies?

Let’s take Pizza Guy for instance. A Bangladeshi who’s lived in Italy for 7 years, and very well knows his way around actual pizza having worked in many pizzerias and under a great Italtian chef.

Starting from home ovens and delivery by his own 1950's Hyundai Accent, they now have a dine-in for 20 at Banani road 4, hoping to expand to accommodate 80 soon. Including true Italian thin-crust classics like the Margherita, Patate e Salsiccia (Potatoes and Sausage pizza), and the Spinach and Ricotta, you're sure to enjoy the a "pizza" Italy in Dhaka (pun wholly intended).

Speaking of the taste of Italy, you have PizzaRoma, an Italian pizza delivery company runnig since 2013, as a venture of the Ferri family.

Starting as delivery-only, and now with a dine-in and catering services, they offer specials like the Napoletana, Diavola, Ortolana, and many more.

Another home owned pizza place, Pizza LaVita, actually bought the place from an older owner, and now runs it himself. An IT student from NSU with a love for food, now running a pizza delivery job with 16" pizzas for 1200. What do you think?

So whether you love pizzas, or cheesy puns (pun-ception?),

or just the taste of melty cheese in your mouth, what's stopping you from being someone who brings joy to the people through love for cheesy goodness?

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