Where to eat during breaks in BRAC?

PUBLISHED:Apr 10, 2016 | UPDATED:12:35 PM, Apr 13, 2016

1.  The ‘BRAC roll’

Guys, guys, guys ! YOU HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE THIS. Ruling for 10 years now, this chicken roll is the best seller. At first I thought my friends were exaggerating even if a bit when they started describing this roll as the best out there and mind blowing. But boy was I wrong.

Unlike all the other kabab rolls and cart rolls Ive had all along these years, this lovely bomb dot com has no veggies(except for onions) but only heaps of delectable sauce and super succulent chicken and  instead of thick, doughy wrap this meaty goodness is wrapped in a light and silky porota. Really good stuff!

2. Cinnamon Restaurant

Right above the Red cart selling the best chicken roll, stands Cinnamon Restaurant. This super cozy and air-conditioned place is the got-to-crib if you’re up for some heavy lunch. They tend to always run out of their khichudi right before the sun even decides to hit the bed.

This is one of their bestselling set menus. Cinnamon is definitely generous when it comes to their servings.

3. Chillox

Inaugurating from 14th February of this year, this cute little cart has been running strong ever since. You can hear either of the two young chefs and the super friendly front man screaming the serial numbers one after one right from across the opposite street.


I always believed in pictures speaking louder than words. Here we have exibit A.
If you’re big on buns stuffed with juicy patties and beef bacon and creamy sauce running all over your food. This gotta be your thang!



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