Where to eat between breaks ?

PUBLISHED:Mar 29, 2016 | UPDATED:11:18 AM, Mar 29, 2016



Cold coffee and milkshake carts or cafes are the new hype in town . You’ll find one anywhere and everywhere these days. And to have found one right on the outskirts of the Bashundhara ( beside Apollo ) on a super sunny day was almost like finding an oasis in the middle of a desert .

What to try first? Oreo milkshake, duh ? It’s definitely creamier than the ones Ive tried elsewhere. The owner  knows the value for price so he makes sure their customers go home satisfied with their tastebuds at peace.

Oreo milkshake and hot chocolate, on point.



Familiar with Kazi Food Island ? No ? So basically it’s this archipelago of cafes and restaurants  at the edge of what now known as 300ft in Bashundhara. And in this corner of the archipelago stands Khana’s.

They are famous for their overly filled subs . Them chicken strips looking good, eh ?

Khana’s second best seller. Don’t tell me you don’t find this cute. The only difference between these fluffies and Nando’s wedges is that you’d have to eat these in open air and not in an air-conditioned concrete.
That dipping though, one hella dip.


You mustve entered the Bashundhara gate on a rickshaw or in a car and notice this almost underground restaurant.  And if not by the road then definitely in the new trending tags “#burgerlab” .
You must be reading this article to know what’s good and why you should eat the famous following. But, there’s always a story behind everything.
So these BBA students from NSU and this telecom engineering friend/ brotherinlaw from Ahsanullah  University and one from IUT decided to start a restaurant because two of these very friends were always in the kitchen department when it came to any of the hangouts or parties and picnics or trips. They started off with a 90 sq feet plot(which now is their kitchen) and hired a chef to get the professional training for 2.5 months. After coming up with their crazy, droolacious recipes and 7 months later, they expanded their business to a 600 sq feet restaurant.
If you’re big on burgers, you must try the following.
P.s their BBQ Radiation can compete with Naga, anyday.





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Khana's Burger Lab
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