Where am I supposed to go now?

PUBLISHED:Jul 31, 2016 | UPDATED:09:05 AM, Aug 01, 2016

I have a little daughter, studying in Maple Leaf International School. My wife is a house wife and I am a retired Police officer who cannot bear the expenses of my family with the pension that the government pays.

I was going through severe mental pressure. Family issues and financial issues were proportionally giving me headaches in a daily basis. I lost my temper on my beloved daughter, whereas she knew nothing about my tensions. 
One fine day, a friend of mine comes up with an idea of opening up a restaurant as a partnership business. At first, I wasn't interested to take such a huge risk, but then I came to know there is going to be a new coaching center with numerous numbers of teenagers which can be our targeted customers and we can manage to make a healthy profit to run our family. I managed some loans from my relatives and collected some from my friends too. 
It took us a month to set up the entire restaurant before opening it officially. It was going really well when we started and our targeted customers were growing day by day. Our grill and butter Nan combo was the top favorite amongst the students. We were blessed with friendly atmosphere the entire day and it was like a dream come true for me and my friend. I used to buy gifts for my beloved daughter every once in a week. My wife and my daughter were so happy ,their smile was seen after so long. They were no more disturbed because of my mood swings. Life was all good, Alhamdulillah.

Who cursed us, who knows? We were always good to our customers and even to them who just came to visit our shop.

Today, 27th July, will always be memorable for me and my friend. What am I supposed to do now? Is my wife and my daughter going to bear my mood swings again? Will I see those smiling faces ever again? What am I going to do now? How can I bear my family expenses? A bulldozer is enough to shatter a dream. Ruining our dream, and our restaurant "Kabab Village".

• A tribute to the owner of Kabab Village.

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