'What the f***?': Outrage as McDonald's releases Happy Meal Minions toys that sound like they are cursing (VIDEO)

PUBLISHED:Jul 12, 2015 | UPDATED:07:39 AM, Jul 12, 2015

-Irate parents have been sharing videos of the 'swearing' toys online
-McDonald's claims the toys speak 'Minionese' and the words are nonsense
-The fact one noise sounds like the English swear word is a 'coincidence'
-The talking figurines from the hit movie will be in Happy Meals all of July 

The latest Happy Meal toy offering may have you saying “WTF” -- literally.

McDonald’s launched its Minions Happy Meal in North America on July 3, but some customers are saying that the talking toy, which says prerecorded phrases when tapped, can be heard saying some foul language.


A McDonald’s spokesperson denied the claim that the toys swear, telling MarketWatch The Minion Caveman Happy Meal toy includes 3 sounds: ‘para la bukay,’ ‘hahaha,’ and ‘eh eh.’



“We’re aware of a very small number of customers who have been in touch regarding this toy, and we regret any confusion or offense to those who may have misinterpreted its sounds,” a McDonald’s spokesperson said. “The allegation that this toy is saying anything offensive or profane is not true.”

McDonald’s says they have no plans to pull the toy.



Some McDonald’s customers are hearing the phrase commonly shortened to “WTF” instead of the toymaker’s intended “hahaha.” But you can probably chalk it up to a case of Mondegreen, a psychological occurrence in which people mishear a phrase as a result of near-homophony.

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