Westin Dhaka Lunches Arabian food Festival

PUBLISHED:Aug 16, 2015 | UPDATED:09:06 AM, Aug 17, 2015


The Westin Dhaka puts a delectable spread representing difference Arabian countries to spice up your life as we celebrate an Arabian Food Festival led by our renowned Guest Rimuon Imad Obaid all the way from Syria. Enjoy the intense, vibrant and flavorful selection of Mezze, Kebabs, Ouzi, Shawarma and Tagines. End on a sweet note with Pistachio Baklava, 14th-30th August.


A common dish in Middle East, India, and Pakistan! Made from minced meat that is either fried, grilled, or used in a spicy curry.

1. Kofta
2. Foul Meddamas
3. Manakeesh


A popular dessert of Arabia made of butter phyllo pastry dough, grounded nuts, almonds and smeared with a sugary syrup.

1 Baklava
2. Laban
3. Knafeh


The festival also includes a popular meat dish that is grilled all day and shavings are cut off from the block of meat to be served in a pita.
1. Shawarma
2. Kofta
3. Dolma



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