Underprivileged kid treated like a KING @ BFC Dhaka

PUBLISHED:Jul 26, 2015 | UPDATED:12:48 PM, Jul 26, 2015

Found this in a certain branch of BFC at around 10:30 pm tonight. The boys name is Mohammad Rubel(he was having a real hard time pronouncing his name with a mouthful of food).

What amazed me is that a franchise like BFC, "No shirts. No Shoes. No Service!!" er moto ekta cliche business ethics er nikuchi kore they let this guy have the combo meal like a boss!!(Obviously he didnt pay).

He had dirt on his back, raindrops on his head and mud on his bare feet. Yet he was treated like any other valued customer. Even the staffs were nice and warm to him. I didnt ask them who or why they thought of doing this. Cause to me it seems unfair to question good deeds. Questions bring judgement. Judgement brings suspicion. All that matters is that, the origin of this kindness is from the benign heart of a human. I didnt stay there long, but I can easily bet that ,when that little kid walks out of that place all full and happy and leaves the muddy trails of footsteps behind him;

the staffs would be smiling even then when they are cleaning after him, all for nothing.

I went there for trying something I never try before(Chicken Mayo Burger), but came out with something I will never forget.

Nowadays, the food businesses charge us "reasonable" prices( would say reasonable, cause even though it only fulfils the coverage, it still seems a bit more than what we claim as affordable). But I guess I wont feel so bad, if the restaurants use even a trifle of our money on these kids. Im not asking them to cover their starvation, just give a small smirk to their faces, an insinuation of how childhood is supposed to be. Jebhavei paruk, be it the "leftover-cleaning policy" or other approach. I wish I could see this reoccur in other places.


Sorry, for the myriad of pictures tongue emoticon When I asked for a click, the kid insisted that I would have to snap him tasting each of the food individually colonthree emoticon Kid knows how to play.

By Sadman Adommo

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