This Ramadan, celebrate the spirit of togetherness and sharing with Coca-Cola!

PUBLISHED:Jun 06, 2016 | UPDATED:11:27 AM, Jun 06, 2016

Dhaka 6th June, 2016: Ushering the holy festival of Ramadan this year, Coca-Cola Bangladesh is all set to launch its month-long special Ramadan campaign with an intent to bring together friends and families through the joy of sharing a meal, announced a press conference today. Whether it is breaking a fast over a great, refreshing Iftar or enjoying a Sehri with near and dear ones, the campaign will celebrate the holy festival’s spirit of sharing and togetherness!


(From left to right) NaushabaOishee,  Marketing Consultant, Coca-Cola Bangladesh, Md RezaulHoque, Chief Operating Officer, Radio Foorti, Shadab Ahmed Khan, Managing Director, Coca-Cola Bangladesh, SubirChatterjee, Commercial Director, International Beverages Private Limited, Shamima Akhter, PR & Communications Manager, Ashiqur Rahman Rean, Founder, Dhaka Foodies, Sk. Nurul Alam, Head of Sales and Marketing, Abdul Monem Limited, Beverage Unit.



Present at the press conference was Shamima Akhter, PR & Communications Manager, and Shadab Ahmed Khan, Managing Director, Coca-Cola Bangladesh; Subir Chatterjee, Commercial Director, International Beverages Private Limited; Ashiqur Rahman, Founder, Dhaka Foodies, and Md Rezaul Hoque, Chief Operating Officer & Director, Radio Foorti.


Ashiqur Rahman Rean, Founder, Dhaka Foodies


As part of the campaign, Coca-Cola will be engaging with the consumers through a series of activities throughout the month; allowing them to taste the feeling of love and sharing by re-connecting and bonding with friends and family.


 Md RezaulHoque, Chief Operating Officer, Radio Foorti


One such initiative includes the “Bashay Iftar” in partnership with Radio Foorti, which will run for the first 22 days of Ramadan, rewarding one winner each day. Participants will respond to a new question on Radio Foorti every day, starting 6th June, 2016. Enthusiasts can participate by texting their name, location and the answer to the question; creative answers that engage people with its authenticity will win Iftar for their family and friends from a renowned restaurant along with a pack of Coca-Cola every day. And if this wasn’t enough, the 22 winners throughout the campaign will be invited to the unique opportunity of sharing a meal with celebrated cricket sensation and Coca-Cola’s brand ambassador, Mustafizur Rahman.


Shamima Akhter, PR & Communications Manager


Coca-Cola’s highly anticipated “Sehri Nights” initiative in collaboration with Dhaka Foodies will make a comeback this year on the 23rd and 24th June at the International Convention Centre Bashundhara (ICCB). The program will bring together several restaurants from Dhaka under one roof, allowing families and groups of friends to satiate their varied taste preferences while enjoying a fulfilling Sehri at a single venue. In addition, the “Sehri Nights” initiative will also collaborate with a number of top restaurants around the city where a different restaurant each night will have great offers and activities from Coca-Cola throughout Ramadan.


Shadab Ahmed Khan, Managing Director, Coca-Cola Bangladesh


Speaking about the campaign, Shadab Khan, Managing Director, Coca-Cola Bangladesh said, “Over the years, Coca-Cola has become deeply entrenched into the tradition of Bangladesh; specially the holy festival of Ramadan. Taking forward the tradition, this is year too, we aim to uphold the spirit of the Ramadan festival by facilitating moments of sharing and togetherness through varied sets of initiatives, specially, “Bashay Iftar” and “Sehri Nights”. Our key goal is to allow consumers to create some precious memories with their loved ones; and cherish the joy of sharing, making it one of their most special and memorable Ramadan. We wish everyone a great month ahead and hope to play a small role in adding to the festivities.”


About Coca-Cola Bangladesh

Coca-Cola in Bangladesh refreshes thousands of consumers throughout the country through its core product offerings of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite and Fanta. The system employs more than 500 people directly and indirectly provides employment to over 3,000 people. Coca-Cola is committed to strengthening the community through various programs, such as ‘Every Drop Matters’ and WASH, both of which help to provide water, sanitation, hygiene as well as rainwater harvesting projects in schools across the country. Recently Coca-Cola in Bangladesh has launched “Support My School” - a program for Healthy, Active and Happy schools. This campaign aims to create awareness and address issues in schools which lead to absenteeism or children dropping out of school.

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