This Girl Clicked ‘Yummy’-licious Pictures Of The Tastiest Street Food Around The World

PUBLISHED:May 17, 2016 | UPDATED:02:20 PM, May 17, 2016

Melissa Hie loves to travel, loves to eat and love to Instagram. In 2013, when she was backpacking across Europe, she decided to combine her passions and started posting mouthwatering, delicious and absolutely breathtakingly beautiful street food pictures.

Since then her Instagram account ‘Girl Eat World’ has grown leaps and bounds and she has over 2.9 lakh followers. She has covered almost every corner of the globe. Right from ‘Pudhina Paratha’ from India to ‘Empanadas’ from Spain.

Since it’s the right thing to do. Here comes the warning.

*If you haven’t eaten or you are hungry all the time, please sit with some food. This may cause some serious hunger.*

Enjoy these pictures.

1. Pudhina paratha, India

Pudina Paratha at Taj Mahal in Agra, India. Bucket list that got an unexpectedly crossed this year! Taj Mahal is the most intrinsically beautiful building i've ever visited. All of the patterns on this building were not painted, they are marble inlays - the result of hand-shaped precious stones which are then placed over marbles that has been carved *exactly* to fit the stones. The marbles are then polished, and the result is a smooth marbles with stones embedded on the surface! 


2. White wine, Australia

2nd favorite #GirlEatWorld moment in 2015 is also from Australia 🇦🇺, but a completely different part of the continent - the outback! This is a glass of white wine I had during the magical Sounds of Silence dinner with the view of Uluru. My experience in the outback can't be summed up in an instagram post, so i'll have a series of blog post coming up at my blog! You can follow me at to be notified when these posts finally come together. Waking up in your tent in the middle of the night to a repetitive thumping sound and peeking outside to find out it was a group of wild wallaby passing by your campground was... quite amazing to say the least. It's a memory I will truly cherish forever. Thanks @yhaaustralia for sending me on this trip!


3. Hello Kitty donut, Japan

Happy Monday! Missing this Hello Kitty donut at the organized chaos of the shibuya crossing in Tokyo. The Shibuya "scramble" crossing is well known for people watching and a must visit while in Tokyo. When the traffic lights turn red, pedestrians would pour out from all sides and meet in the middle of the intersection. I find it very calming to watch from afar. Also, Hachiko statue is in one of the corners of this intersection! --- I've been spending some time re-learning Japanese through and I love it so much! To my fellow 日本語 learners, i highly recommend checking out @iknowjp to review your kanji, listening skills and vocabularies. It makes the learning process super fun compared to using flash cards! However, this app will not teach Japanese from scratch - you have to use this in conjunction of a text book since they do not teach you grammar. I wish apps like this existed when I was learning Japanese in college! You can also learn other language like Chinese and English for SAT learners #iKnowjp


4. Semolina cake, Jordan

Hareesa or Arabic Semolina cake at a beautiful Souk in the ancient city As-Salt, Jordan. Hareesa is also known as Basbousa in other parts of middle east, which means "a thousand kisses". It is made of cooked semolina and simple syrup cut into diamond shapes and topped with a piece of almond. It's very sweet, sticky and soft! #ShareYourJordan #VisitJordan #ShotOniPhone6sPlus Follow me on snapchat and facebook for more real time update! girleatworld on both platforms.


5. Bear shaped Almond cake, Switzerland

#GirlEatWorld (or #BoyEatWorld 😂) by @mil_aaan - a cute Berner Mandelbärli at Old City Bern in Switzerland 🇨🇭, taken in front of the Zytglogge Clock Tower. Mandelbärli is an almond bear-shaped cake, a Bern classic inspired by The city mascot which is... Yes, you guessed it! 🐻 A Bear 🐻. In fact, "Bern" is thought to be the folk etimology of the word "bear" in german and according to local legend, the city is named as such because the founder decided to name it after the first animal he encountered during a hunt, which turned out to be a bear. Zytglogge is Bern's most recognizable landmark, a clock tower built in the medieval 13th century. It also features a 15th century astronomical clock although you can't see it in the pic since it's covered by the bear cake. By the way - if you sent me a direct message, there is a good chance I didn't see it! The best way to submit your picture is by tagging it #GirlEatWorld though I can only see this if your instagram is not private. You can also email your #GirlEatWorld inspired-pics to!


6. Strawberry tart, France

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I'm super excited to let you know Fat Tire Paris (@FatTireParis) is giving away a FREE TRIP TO PARIS FOR TWO. This includes flights, accommodation and custom itinerary with Fat Tire tours in the magical city of love! Contest ends on 30 September. 🔝👆🏻Click the link in my bio for info! How do I know about Fat Tire tours? 🚲 When I went on my europe trip two years ago, looong before #GirlEatWorld was born, I booked a day tour with Fat Tire tours to see the city of Berlin on a bike. I ended up enjoying the day so much that I came back the next day and did another half day tour with them. The best way to really experience a city is on a bike! Since then, I have been recommending this tour to my friends who visit Europe. I hope one of you gets the chance to experience the tour too 😁 #FatTireParisGiveAway #FatTireParis #sp


7. Kebab wrap, Turkey

#GirlEatWorld by @pohtecktoes - A kebab wrap at the beach of Ölüdeniz, Turkey 🇹🇷. Ölüdeniz is a popular beach destination in the mediterranean, with shades of turquoise and aquamarine sea water 🏊🏼☀️🌴. Turkey is really high up in my to-visit list! I hope to visit the place myself someday 😄


8. Empanadas, Spain

#GirlEatWorld Empanadas at Mallorca, Spain 🇪🇸 by my friend @sceetheworld. Empanadas is a savory pastry with various fillings like meat (but of course), veggies and potatoes. Though it is said to be originated from Portugal 🇵🇹, it's also very popular in Spain, latin american countries and even my home country Indonesia 🇮🇩 thanks to Portuguese colonization. But going back to the origin, empanadas is said to have been influenced by samosas from India through Portuguese colony in Goa. I can definitely see the similarity and am super fascinated by how food have traveled and transformed around the world!


9. Coconut ice-cream, Malaysia

More from Penang! Couldn't resist this coconut ice cream while walking down the hot street of Penang. Aside of food, Penang is also known for their street art installations. My favorite is part of the children paintings 👦🏻👧🏻 by @ernestzacharevic, where he used a real object in combination with his painting. In this one he used a real motorcycle! There are tons around Georgetown and it's super fun to hunt them down. I also loved the 101 lost cat series!


10. French fries, Belgium

{#WeEatWorld} by @mirvettium - Belgian fries in Antwerp, Belgium! Did you know that even though fries are commonly referred to as "French fries", many believe that its actually originated from Belgium? It is said that fries in belgium dated back prior to 1680. Doesn't matter where it's originated from, fries is still my favorite snack! 🍟😋 I'm so sorry i have been neglecting #weeatworld lately! From now on i will feature one #weeatworld photo every Thursday, so keep your submissions coming. Hint: if your photo has unique food / background and the right composition (focus on the food!) i will be more likely to feature it! 


11. Cold noodles, Hong Kong

Feeling bitter sweet as this is my last Hong Kong eats... For now. The cold noodles snack at Mongkok from the New Town Mall / Argyle Center just outside the Mongkok MTR Station (Take exit D2 and enter the building to your left). For only HK$12, you get to choose a prepackaged small plastic bag of noodles and choose toppings like pork, various seafood, and other meats. The noodle and toppings are then mixed in front of you with soy and garlic chili. While eating out of a plastic bag might sound weird to you, this is actually common practice in Asia. The best thing? You can eat this quickly on the go! Love the efficiency. My blog post is up on what I did in Hong Kong in 48 hours with @skyscannersg 🔝🔝🔝 Link in bio! Just to avoid any confusion, this blog post was from my weekend trip last month. I did come back again to Hong Kong recently for two weeks, for work! I have been spending so much time in HK this year that I know causeway bay like the back of my hand


12. Gai Daan Zai, Hong Kong

Dear Hong Kong, thank you for being my home for the past two weeks while I am here for work! Since i have been to Hong Kong so many times, i feel like i have tried all the traditional snacks. But fear not, here is something a bit different - this is a modern take on the well-loved traditional snack Gai Daan Zai (also called eggette) from @oddiesfoodies in Wan Chai. Their eggettes have different flavors combined with yummy ice cream, making it a very unique complex dessert! The one I had is called "The Night Wolf", which is chocolate chip eggette served with 66% dark chocolate gelato, brownies, passion fruit panna cotta, carmelized banana ice cream and crunchy flakes. Winner! (Thanks @cultoflee and @nativenowhere for taking me here 😊) #notsponsored #GirlEatHK


13. Hanami Dango, Japan

Hanami dango amidst sakura blooms in Arashiyama, Kyoto. There are Sakura everywhere in Japan right now! 🌸🌸 I have always wanted to eat Hanami Dango myself and finally got the chance to do so yesterday. This rice cake snack is so important to japanese culture that there is even an emoji for it ->🍡 It's sakura season right now in Japan, which marks the beginning of Spring. Since sakura season only lasts about a month (usually April), it became an important tradition to go to the nearest park with picnic mats and some packed food for sakura viewing - also known as Hanami. Hanami 花見 means "watching flowers" (hana 花 = flowers; mi 見 = eyes / to watch) and Dango means "dumplings / rice cake". Japanese eats dango as snack all-year round, but this variation with pink, white and green is traditionally eaten during Hanami season. The pink color comes from azuki (red bean) and the green is from green tea 🍵! 🍃🌸🌸🍡🌸🌸🍃 #RealLifeEmoji #EmojiIRL #EmojisInTheWild #ShotOniPhone6s


14. Frozen yogurt, Malta

Apparently the prettiest soft serves exist in the most beautiful place, a. k. a. MALTA! This €4 frozen yogurt is a #GirlEatWorld submission from @heyhanny, a very lucky girl who lives on the beautiful island. Check out her feed for beautiful photos from Malta! 


15. Ang Koo Kuih, Malaysia

Ang Koo kuih, a nyonya cake made of glutinous rice. "Nyonya" is the term for women in chinese malaysian culture, which means this cake was brought to Malaysia through the influence of Chinese immigrants. Traditionally the cakes are red-colored and filled with mung beans - hence the name "ang koo" which means red tortoise, illustrating the shape of the cake which resembles tortoise shell. 🐢🔴 However the ones i found on Armenian street in Penang are not only rainbow colored, they are also filled with different flavors! I forgot what's what (they were mango, coconut brown sugar, red bean and original mung bean) but my favorite was the coconut brown sugar one! I have always seen this cake in Indonesia too but never knew what it was called 😅. Ang koo kuih was traditionally eaten for special full moon festivities but can now be commonly found in markets.


16. Strawberry daiquiri, Greece

Happy Sunday everyone - #girleatworld by @jetsatin at Fira in Santorini, Greece. How perfect is this photo? 😍🍓🍸I love the contrast of red of her strawberry daiquiri against the all white and blue color theme of Santorini. Thanks @jetsatin!


17. Clementine, Myanmar

A little clementine 🍊 at Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon 🇲🇲 I know it's crazy, but it is now the last five days of 2015 (!!) I will be posting once a day until December 31st, five of my favorite #GirlEatWorld stories from 2015... Starting with this one from the Myanmar trip I took in January with @sceetheworld. Why clementine? 🍊 I was pretty much obsessed with this fruit throughout the trip. They are easy to peel, so sweet and seedless, goes for $1 for half a dozen and there seem to be no shortage of them in each burmese city we visited. It became my go-to snack! Shwedagon Pagoda is believed to be constructed 2,600 years ago and contains relics of four Buddhas. In the modern day, it has become an important political arena for the burmese people. In 1946, it is where General Aung San demanded independence from the British before he was assasinated a year later. In the same place 42 years later, his daughter Aung San Suu Kyi would address half a million crowd to demand democracy from the military regime. The most important thing to remember when visiting this place? Take your shoes AND socks off. You have to go barefoot!


18. Fish and Chips, Australia

#latergram 🍟🐟 Fish and chips at the Royal Botanic Garden next to the Sydney Opera House! I originally wanted to take this at the Circular Quay side of the opera house, which is also a waterfront, but the seagulls in the area were waaaaay too agressive. When i bought the fish and chips at a stand in Circular Quay, i told the guy serving me that I didn't need the paper bag because I always try to minimize unnecessary waste. Our conversation went like this: Guy: "Are you sure?" Me: "Why?" Guy: "The seagulls...". Anyways I didn't want to share my chips with the birds so I took my fish and chips in a paper bag and retreated to this peaceful garden instead 🙊 this is a slightly different kind of fish and chips than the one i featured before. It's breaded with crumbs, and I kinda like this kind more than the beer-battered ones! Which one do you guys prefer? #GirlEatAustralia with @yhaaustralia


19. Rose shaped Strawberry Ice-cream, China

Touch down in Beijing! this is a rose-shaped strawberry ice cream at South Luogu Lane (Nanluoguxiang) in Hutong area. This lane is one of the oldest alley in Beijing (~800 years old) with many of its buildings still retaining the old architecture style. My hotel is in this area and when I came early this morning there was hardly anyone around, but in the afternoon the lane became super lively with tons of people, food vendors and little shops! Reminds me of the markets in Taiwan or Korea 😍 As usual, recommendations are welcome! I came back to Singapore for 6 hours then promptly went back to airport for a red eye flight. Pro tip: don't do back to back trips. I crashed so hard this morning.


20. Ice-cream on clouds, Australia

{#GirlEatAustralia with @yhaaustralia} I hung out with Sydney instagrammer @vinhphams who showed me what the locals are eating these days. First up is this ridiculously surreal ice cream on clouds ☁️ from Aqua S (@aquas_au), best dubbed as "ice cream made for instagram". This is the seasalt and grapefruit flavor with caramel popcorn and candy floss topping. Nearly didn't make it across the road to Town Hall 😱🇦🇺🍦 (📷 Photo credit: @vinhphams) - also thanks to my friend @petermanaman for the tip, I made it! #ilovesydney #SeeAustralia #RestaurantAustralia #notsponsored #justreallyimpressed @cityofsydney @australia


21. Strawberry dipped in Godiva chocolate, Brussels

#GirlEatWorld by @angelydub - some strawberries 🍓🍫 dipped in Godiva belgian chocolate in La Grand-Place in Brussels. I love the gold accents on the guildhalls! Grand Place is the central square of Brussels. Containing both public and private building, it has not changed for over three centuries. The place was named UNESCO World Heritage site in 1998 🇧🇪


22. Gelato, Italy

#girleatworld by @milashok. Gelato at Duomo di Milano in Milan, Italy 🇮🇹 This gothic cathedral took centuries to be completed, from 1386 to 1965 to be exact, with names like Napoleon Bonaparte being one of its sponsors. It is now the largest church in Italy!


23. Puff, Myanmar

Just in time for Myanmar trip next week - This #WeEatWorld by my friend @nycars shows the magical view that puts Bagan on my "must visit" list. Follow @nycars for awesome - and punny - cars! As for the caption, i'll keep it true to @nycars' words: "It's taken while travelling in a hot air balloon over Bagan, which is located in central Myanmar along the Ayeyarwady River. I would love to see a hot air balloon chase in a movie one day, it would take around 5 hours. But there's certainly something very peaceful about drifting with no sound as the sun rises over this incredible place. The large structure is the Sulamani Temple, built in 11th century and one of around 3000 temples in the area. The puff was Myanmar street food, and was filled with peanut and sugar and was quite disgusting. My tip, avoid eating dubious street food before getting on a hot air balloon. Please enjoy, and please go visit Bagan. It's incredible." (I'll still try the street food tho


24. Koulouri, Greece

#GirlEatWorld by @lena.soh - Koulouri in Athens, Greece 🇬🇷. Koulouri (or κουλούρι in greek alphabet) is a cheap sesame bread ring that locals would grab from street carts for breakfast every morning. It also looks similar to Turkish simit to me! Thanks @lena.soh for this awesome shot. Do yourself a favor and follow her amazing pun-filled european adventure over at ➡️ @lena.soh


25. Sakura Mochi, Japan

Sakura mochi さくら餅 🌸 at Arashiyama Bamboo Forest. This Kansai-style sakura mochi is made of mochi rice formed into a ball with azuki (red bean) paste inside and wrapped in picked sakura leaf. In Tokyo, you would find the red bean paste wrapped in thin pink crepe instead of rice. This sweet snack is traditionally eaten during Hanami (sakura flower viewing in April) or Hinamatsuri (Girl's day in March), welcoming the beginning of spring. The leaf is edible too! Arashiyama Bamboo Forest is a super cool sight to visit in Kyoto. As soon as you step into the forest, you can immediately feel the drop of temperature. Photos can't justify the beauty of this place! #ShotOniPhone6s



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