These are the 8 Places You Should not Miss out if you Love Kacchi Biriyani

PUBLISHED:Nov 10, 2017 | UPDATED:11:24 AM, Nov 11, 2017

Who doesn’t love Kacchi Biryani? It’s one of the most favorite food items in Dhaka. The fragrance of smoky hot Kacchi is like the feeling of heaven on earth! Food experts around the world have rated the kacchi biriyani as the best biriyani around the world. Here are the 10 Kacchi Biriyani places you surely do not want to miss out.

Kolkata Kacchi Ghor
Location: Abul hasnat Road
Cuisine: Indian, Biriyani

The one and only branch in Puran Dhaka, Abul Hasnat road, Kolkata Kacchi Ghor has the Bengali people coming here far and wide just to taste their Kacchi Biriyani. Their Kacchi Biriyani prepared of fragrant basmati rice, and layered with chunks of beef, is cooked with the finest mix of spices. More than enough for one. Kacchi biriyani per plate costs BDT 180. Cleanse your palate with their intense and vibrant flavored Pesto drink. A taste of Kolkata now available in Bangladesh.   

Grand Nawabs
Location: Hajira Bazaar
Cuisine: Nawabi, Mughal

Most eateries in Old Dhaka do not have air conditioning. Grand Nawab, however, is an exception, thus making the experience for guests more comfortable, particularly during summer. The lanterns, perforated screens and the motifs – along with designs on the wall portraying Ahsan Manzil – attempt to bring in a 'Nawabi theme'.  No food is grander than the Kacchi biriyani and Grand Nawab takes extra care to provide its guests with the finest – boasting a rich collection of spices and a lengthy and careful cooking process. This is reflected in the juicy and tender mutton and the aromatic and flavorful spicy rice. A plate of Kacchi biriyani, or chicken biriyani, costs BDT 160. For a sweet ending to your Nawabi meal, you can have their firni, jorda, or pudding. 

Star Hotel & Kabab
Location: Dhanmondi
Cuisine: Bangladeshi

Star Kebab, this is a huge hit with the local population, for their ever-dependable and ever-affordable local food in a clean, bright and bustling environment. Portions are huge, and it's excellent for Bangladeshi breakfasts, but the eatery is crowded from the time they open until the time they close down. one of the star items from the menu is Kacchi Biriyani. The kacchi biriyani has Layers of meat, rice, and potatoes infused with warm and delectable blends of aromatic spices; each spoonful is a mouth-watering surprise. The locally affordable restaurant will cost per Foodie BDT 100-300.

Sultan’s Dine
Location: Dhanmondi, Satmasjid Road
Cuisine: Biriyani, Indian, Bangladeshi

Sultan’s Dine is a restaurant dedicated to satisfying the opulent cravings with our delicious take on the traditional feast of the Sultans. If you want to taste restaurant food, but got no weddings coming around, then Sultan’s Dine is just your place. Enjoy their biriyani platters in the well decorated, Arabian themed restaurant. Their Kacchi Biryani has the right balance of spices, not too spicy, not too bland, just right with succulent pieces of meat and potatoes. They serve a generous portion of the Kacchi Biriyani ordered, more than enough for two people. And if you order their platters, borhani, firni/jorda and jail kebab are also included. Bond over the delicious Kacchi with your family and friends for BDT 400-800 per foodie.

Tradition Bd
Location: Khilgaon Taltola
Cuisine: Bangladeshi

No need to wait for weddings anymore to have Kacchi Biriyani, Tradition BD is here to rescue the day. Located in the heart of Khilgaon, Tradition BD offers Kacchi Biriyani platters similar to the wedding cuisine. The moment you will enter Tradition BD, the fragrance of Kacchi Biryani will overpower all your senses and your heart will demand you to find yourself a table and order right away. The star of the menu is easily the Mutton Kacchi Biryani. Cooked in authentic Basmati rice, the infusion of all the necessary spices resonate throughout the rice, the mutton pieces, and even the quintessential spiced potato. The rice is fragrant yet low in oil, the mutton pieces are succulent, soft and the potatoes are moist. The Chicken Roast will remind you of the authentic wedding roast. The Borhani has a fine balance of mint, sour curd, and green chilies. For dessert, the Jorda is delicious on its own. Considering the quantity and quality of the platter for 1, the price BDT 550, doesn’t really seem much. After all anything for a “biye bari” like experience.

Fakruddin Biriyani
Location: Gulshan 1
Cuisine: Bangladeshi, Biriyani

After learning the age-old methods used in Dumm cooking from Muslim Miah, a chef for the Nawabs of Murshidabad, Fakruddin Munshi, went on to create innovative dishes using his master's techniques. Started his own journey by taking over the Viquarunnisa Noon School & College canteen, he never had to look back. Now FAKRUDDIN is not only well established in Bangladesh but also has been spread around the world with a promising service. People go to Fakruddin with their friends and family to taste Fakruddin’s mouth-watering recipes. The sweetness of the kacchi biriyani provided by the slow cooking of the shallots makes the kacchi biriyani even more flavorful. The spiced meat is cooked and steam-sealed together with the rice. The mutton pieces are cooked on the bone and extremely tender. Per Foodie can enjoy a meal for BDT 300-500.

Salam’s Kitchen 
Location: Banani, Road 10
Cuisine: Bangladeshi, Biriyani

Want to taste some of the country’s greatest delicacy, then go to Salam’s Kitchen, located in Banani-10. You might easily miss the eatery since it looks like a normal shop outside. But the inside, located on the second floor, the restaurant is brightly lit with lights as bright as the sun, and very spacious, with the comfy-couch sitting arrangement. They even cater for special occasions like weddings, parties. Their Kacchi Biriyani is nothing short of perfection. The meat’s falling off the bone, the aromatic rice is irresistibly tasty, and the spices are rightfully balanced. One spoonful of their kacchi will transfer you to a wedding. Yes-that’s how overwhelmingly good their Kacchi Biriyani is. Dine in Salam’s Kitchen wedding style for BDT 200-500 per Foodie.      

Nanna Biriyani
Location: Lalbagh Chowrasta
Cuisine: Biriyani, Bangladeshi

Another traditional eatery of old Dhaka is Nanna Biriyani, Inspired by Haji Nanna, who only uses the freshest of the ingredients to cook his dishes. Located in Lalbagh Chowrasta, Nanna’s Kacchi Biriyani is unique in its own way. The smell of their Kacchi Biriyani will give you a voracious appetite. Nanna biryani lives up to its name and remains one of the most loved cuisines of old Dhaka. The succulent meat in layers of basmati rice, fragrant spices and caramelized onions, will make you fall in love with Bengali cuisine all over again.

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