There’s a Poo-themed Cafe in South Korea and it’s Surprisingly, er, tasteful

PUBLISHED:Aug 16, 2015

Amazingly it’s not total crap.

If you thought the whole themed cafe thing was getting a bit out of hand over here, just wait till you hear about what’s going on in South Korea.

Forget cereal or crisp sandwiches, in the trendy Insadong neighbourhood of Seoul, there’s a cafe dedicated to poo.

Yes, really.

Californian-born Lexi, who’s lived in Korea since 2009, wrote about the cafe on her blog Seoul Searching, and described how the cafe is littered with ‘quirky poop hidden treasures’.

For instance, hot drinks come served in mini toilet mugs…


And there are, of course, a variety of doo-doo themed cakes to choose from, such as cute little poop-shaped scones with jam – served in a squat toilet side dish, of course.


Little number two-shaped biccies, and even traditional red bean & walnut or chocolate filled pastries, shaped like poos, from a vendor outside.


Other highlights include squat toilets re-modelled as planters.


And dozens of plushie poos (note: wearing them on your head is optional).


In fact, we have to agree with Lexi on this. For a cafe themed around toilet time, it’s surprisingly, er, tasteful.



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