The renovation work update for Preetom

PUBLISHED:May 22, 2016
MOKA Bistro
Fast Food, Burger
FR Tower (Ground Floor) 32 Kamal Ataturk Avenue Banani


Dear patrons 

We are engaging in a revamp of Preetom for a better experience. The shops will be re-organized, sitting arrangements changed, the inner decor changed and above all new items are on the way to be introduced. As our valued patron you deserve an enhanced ambience with even better food. As such there will be some inconveniences for around 20-25 days. Work will start soon and we will take the opportunity of the holy month of Ramadan to finish off atleast a week before Eid. We apologise for the trouble you would go through visiting us. We will keep you posted as the scenes unfold. But rest assured that the outcome will be a much much better Preetom.



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