The Hitchhikers Guide to Uncommon Iftars

PUBLISHED:Jun 13, 2016 | UPDATED:07:12 AM, Jun 14, 2016

When you think of Iftar, what comes to mind is mom’s homemade piaju, chola, beguni, khichuri/pulao. And when you’d think of going out for Iftar with friends, you’d think of Pizza Hut’s infamous “Unlimited Pizza and Coke” offer, and of Iftar buffets, the likes of Efes and Baton Rouge, etc.


Tree House 
Banani 13/E , house #135 ( Opposite of Prescription Point), 1213 Dhaka


But with the integration of Western culture in Bangladesh, we now have available to us a wide variety of “uncommon” items and platter offers for iftar.


Mohakali-Gulshan Road, 1212 Dhaka



Starting with the newest, hottest, and most uncommon Iftari offers are the wide choices of Sushi and Bento boxes – a few including Tokyo Express with a Bento box of Sushi at 990BDT**, Fo_0l’s Diner with a Bento box of Oriental at 785BDT**, Umai with a Fish Bento at 1645BDT, TBC-Dhanmondi with the cheapest Bento of Tofu and Rice cake at 550BDT, and Izumi with a “Special Sashimi” Bento at 2500BDT**, and regular/veg options at 1300BDT**. Tree House have even gone so far as to introduce a “Steak Bento” 1189BDT, with your Steak usual (Mashed potatoes, veggies, Apple ice-cream).


Cold Stone Creamery 
Plot - 6, Block - SW(I), Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan - 1, 1212 Dhaka



Another uncommon Iftar offer up for grabs are magni-“fish”-ent Fish & Chip platters, brought to you by Fish&Co. at 1499BDT**, also by Cilantro at 1795BDT (also includes Stuffed Chicken and Beef Steak)


Fish & Co. Bangladesh 
Crystal Palace, 22 Gulshan South Avenue, Dhaka, Bangladesh


For chicken lovers, A&W have on offer on Unlimited Spicy Aroma Chicken at 695BDT and unlimited Root beer at 100BDT.





For all of you going to University, looking for a quick and cheap fix in terms of fast food, Chillox (fellow BRACU students rejoice) are offering three Burger & Shake platters starting at 299BDT only! Similar offers are available at Hotbox (starting 299BDT), Takeout (300BDT), etc.


Hot Box 
Rabindra Sarani, (Opposite Of La Bamba), Uttara, Dhaka



Shimanto Square, Dhaka, Bangladesh







Tokyo Express 
House 66, Road 9F, Banani, Dhaka


Oh and FYI, Cold Stone Creamery are have a Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer going on for the month of Ramadan, if you’re looking for something to cool down with!


Plot 8, Road 50, 1212 Dhaka



So, if you’re up for something different for Iftar this year, I hope this can be a handy starter guide for you!

(DISCLAIMER – All prices marked with a ** are exclusive of VAT, those without ** are VAT inclusive)

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