SilverJubilee of Shawarma House

PUBLISHED:Mar 27, 2016 | UPDATED:07:24 AM, Mar 27, 2016
Shawarma House

There are lots of reasons why we don't update our Facebook page for Shawarma House, one of the most significant one is to prevent all the 'fake branches' to keep up with our activities and claim them as their own. This is just a little example of all the different struggles we have had to deal with and continue to do so to keep a brand alive for 25 years.

As they say, haters gonna hate, likewise frauds will steal and copy, but we will be here to welcome you with our authentic taste and dedication for years to come inShaAllah! Come join us in this celebration at our official branches - Banani, Hatirpool,Anam Rangs Plaza, Mohamedpur, Mirpur 10, Uttara (Sector 12), Purana Paltan, Orchid Plaza and Wari to avail this offer 


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