Restaurant Owner Writes His Own Review of Online Critic

PUBLISHED:Jul 11, 2016 | UPDATED:05:57 AM, Jul 11, 2016

Chefs biting back at online reviewers has now become a common occurrence. There’s been some rather famous cases lately of chefs deciding to write replies to customers who posted what they believed were unfounded, negative reviews. 
The latest restaurant owner to step into the batting cage and hit some home truths is Ari Domnitz from Karma Bar and Grill in Milwaukee. 

Domnitz was a little unhappy with the one–star review from a reviewer who gave the local Seven Eleven three stars and Starbucks two stars. 
The chef sets about an epic Facebook rant as he pulls apart all of the reviewer’s previous posts before addressing the points made about his own establishment. 
What do you think? Gone too far or a taste of medicine that needed to be delivered? 



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