Pit Grill's new burger price creates news

PUBLISHED:Aug 23, 2015 | UPDATED:05:02 AM, Aug 24, 2015

Pit Grill, a steak place in Dhanmondi has introduced Mega Sirloin burger, 300 grams, priced at 1600 net.

While many questioned about the naming of Hamburger, Ham has nothing to do with the naming of Hamburger! For example: 
"Residents of Hamburg, New York, which was named after Hamburg, Germany, attribute the hamburger to Ohioans Frank Menches and Charles Menches. According to legend, the Menches brothers were vendors at the 1885 Erie County Fair (then called the Buffalo Fair) when they ran out of sausage for sandwiches and used beef instead. They named the resulting sandwich after the location of the fair.[4][5] However, Frank Menches's obituary in The New York Times stated, instead, that these events took place at the 1892 Summit County Fair in Akron, Ohio.[6]"

Introducing Pit's Mega Sirloin Burger..
300gm ( 10.5 Ounce/more then 1/2 Pound ) Prime Sirloin, hand grind, Hamburger, With Homemade French fries, coleslaw, kosher Pickle..
Served Medium to Medium Well....

(Available from 17.08.2015)


The Pit Grill
Steaks, American
House # 105, Road # 9/A,Dhanmondi,Dhaka


While some foodies asked about justification of the price, Pit Grill replied, "We are using the same Sirloin steak to make the burger Patty, it is a 300 gm sirloin steak patty, we do not use any filler at all and we do not freeze any of of out beef steaks, the patties are made daily."


Source : https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=569293223208629&id=351557104982243&substory_index=0

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