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PUBLISHED:Mar 23, 2016 | UPDATED:11:46 AM, May 17, 2016
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Most recently my friends and I decided to hangout and catch up on old times. While trying to pick which restaurant to go to, we reached a consensus about Nando's. Each and every one of us wanted to try out their new yet temporary edition to the menu, the “PERi-Bowl Meal”. What’s more this gave us the perfect opportunity for us to introduce Nando's to three of our best mates, who had never tried out Nando's. So after arrival we placed our orders, this included four PERi-Bowl meals, two Espetada Carnival, two Cataplanas and two more whole chicken along with six sides. So our friends Samiha, Shaya and Nuzhat after being seated mentioned how much enjoyed the ambience of the restaurants. The intricate interior décor and the soothing lights created a very chilled atmosphere for all of us to really lay back and enjoy each other’s company.

We didn’t have to wait a rather long time, as the Nando's staff whipped up all our dishes and served them up within a few minutes. Once served, we asked for some extra plates and then everyone dug in. Everyone had ordered their meals according to their preferred spice pallet. This came across as very convenient for our friends who couldn’t indulge on extremely spicy sauces. Samiha went for the not so spicy mild sauce while I myself preferred the hot sauce.  Everyone started with the talk of the town, the “PERi-Bowl meal”. Straight of the Bat you notice that they very benevolent with their potions. In the deal you got a wide range of items price at a very reasonable price of tk299 (excluding vat). This included tender and succulently juicy strips of chicken, tagged along with the spicy rice, which isn’t very spicy but compliments the dish well. The mashed potatoes in the bowl were creamy goodness, and managed to win over Samiha who isn’t a big fan of mashed potatoes. She described the mashed potatoes as “The best-creamiest-buttery ‘Est mashed potato I’ve ever had” , arguable the best part of the meal, everyone was left wanted more. The spicy rice was also topped with a sunny side egg, which, seasoned with salt, pepper and a bit of spices, provided an amount and gave the meal a healthier stance. The sautéed vegetables were seasoned rather well, but would have tasted better if topped with one their sauces or if made a bit buttery. Another part of the meal was the corn salsa which had a rather grainy texture and held its own as it was rather tropical. The last addition to the meal was the Citra (250ml) which have the whole meal a citrusy and refreshing lift.

Moving on to the most aesthetic and visually stunning dish, the “Espetada Carnival”. Visually it looked spectacular and it has always a long-time favourite on the Nando’s menu. Served with huge chunks of tender and perfectly cooked chicken and stuffed with parsley and feta cheese, this dish provides a divine culinary experience. You can’t get enough of this dish along with its grilled and Capsicum and tomatoes. What gives this item a refreshing taste are the two sides that came along with it, the coleslaw and grilled vegies. All the sides on the day had good portions, and the grilled mushrooms stood out among the vegetables.

The “Cataplana” was at first looked like a salad of sorts, but then as we dug in we noticed that it was spicy rice covered with and array of Capsicum, Chick peas and their special Algrave sauce.All the iteams fuses together extremely well and creates an explosion of flavours inside your mouth. Whats more could could taste the presence of their Algrave sauce, which combined really with the rice and all other compartments of the dish. You can definitely taste its presence.

The last item on our list of orders were the whole chicken with our last slides the corn on the cob, PERi wages and PERi chips. First off amongst these slides, the one that stood out were the PERi wages. You just can’t stop having enough of their seasoned goodness. Topped with a mix of seasoning known as the “PERi Sprinkle” , if you ask the waiter, they will provide with a peri sprinkler. Not only the seasoning, the PERi wedges and chips were both deep fried perfection.



They both had a great crisp to them. The corn on the cob was smothered in a special sauce and was really messy but fun to eat. It provided a slight kick of sweetness, and is enjoyable to bit through it. Everything on the menu was cooked and served to perfection. The music at the restaurant is also worth mentioning. The music being played at all times are steamed directly from radio station in South Africa. Their funky tines make the whole dine in experience much more entertaining.

-Nabil Haider Ayub

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