Let the gobblers’ games, begin!

PUBLISHED:Mar 16, 2016 | UPDATED:12:24 PM, Mar 20, 2016

Samiha Ahmad

Here are the most hyped food challenges of the week, you wish you took part in. A week ago on 5th March 2016 Dhaka Foodies held Foodiez Big Saturday Feast. If you missed it, here’s what you should know :

Insane, head to head food challenges
  - Cooking competitions for home cooks 
  - The word ‘savage’ and ‘barbarous’ are the ultimate winner in the food dictionary


1. The Naga burger challenge

How many of you are wishing you could indulge into this beasty goodness already?


Two brave pairs stepped up from the crowd to fight the battle between salivating tastebuds and tear ducts.Tears were shed, hearts were burned. Eventually one of the pairs gave up and the other could finally enjoy the sweet taste of victory and ofcourse water. When asked about their biggest obstacle , “Dhongsho !” is what the winners had to cry out while one of the competitors was busy rolling on the stage gasping for air. 


The winners with their 500 taka coupon and The Dhaka Foodiez award.

Kuddos to the man for putting up that smile for the camera.


2. Knorr home cook challenge

The very first round where a male judge who prefers spice in his cuisine was chosen and guess what?

We had our first winner in blue-t with his spicy Knorr noodles. 

Much love to our little girl who stepped up to compete.

Glassed hall packed with home cooks, a pantry, cooking counters out in the sun, fifteen minutes and a huge green gift box wrapped in a pretty green ribbon.

Let’s face it, when it comes to serving food for the family on time, our home cooks are invincible. There were three competitions with hourly intervals. There were cooks who forgot their salt, one took an entire case of eggs in the haste and one even forgot to cook the minced chicken and added the pink flesh at the very last minute. Yet, we had three talented winners who wooed the judges chosen randomly from the crowd.


The second round where a young teenager was the judge who rather preferred a saucy palate. Founder of Dhaka Foodies handing out the gift to our second winner (who also happens to be my mom)


That’d be our last Knorr home chef winner, thanks to the dude in the fancy fedora.


3. Pizza Lavita

There’s no such thing as too much cheese with toppings on fermented bread – believed our pizza loving competitors. Three lucky, lucky , goddamn lucky pairs were chosen from the crowd and from them we had our winners, who finished first, twinning in their NSU club tshirts. It’s cute seeing two people feed one another while the other has their hands behind their back, all to win a title!

Did I forget to mention that fingers were bit?


4. Nando’s spicy Peri-Peri chicken challenge

Black spoons and forks wrapped in printed tissue for them gluttons, how fancy is that? Nando’s, I like your sense of humor.

Oh lord, give us our murgi and khichudi and watch us Bangalis take over the world. Equal number of girls and boys were chosen to finish the mouthwatering plate of our very favourite Nando’s meal.

And like a proud Bangali, we had all our competitors getting their hands messy and their chicken pierced with their polished canines and mouth filled with beautiful, yellow rice. Atlast, we had our true barbaric winner honored with a Nando’s coupon!


5. Zero –Cal juice bar challenge 

This was probably the most healthiest of them all!

Well, the contestants had the most colourful array of flasks of juices from orange, mango, strawberry, cranberry, grapefruit, lemon, pineapple to even milk and soda cans. And ofcourse , Zero-Cal sugar sashes. They were given a time limit and one of those fancy steel shakers Tom Cruise uses in Cocktail and asked to make the most out-of-the-world drink that’d make anyone’s  tastebuds go craycray. 


Turns out our friend here didn’t really have the greatest time judging the drinks .


And we have our winner ! 


6.Polar Icecream challenge

Now this was the absolute crowd favourite !

There wasn’t a single lack of spoilsports ( boo you guys) but among the snobs we were also able to find the true foodies.Don’t let the shiny scoops of polar caps melt you from the inside. We had two rounds of this brain freezing challenge, each with two teams of three. All with theirs hands behind their back and heads in the milky goodness, eating, gulping, swallowing away being the very true hearted foodie that they are.

A big shout out to these three men who were the true spirit of the entire event. They didn’t let any challenge go by without being present in front row cheering their hearts out , pumping up everyone and anyone around them. YOU GO BOYS !

Godbless you guys and your foodie heart . Much love from Dhaka Foodiez.


The last match of the day . The last two teams battling for free cartoon of icecream, woot !


I present you the youngest and the most adored competitors of the day.

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