Indonesian toilet-themed restaurant serves food and drinks in squat toilets

PUBLISHED:Jul 27, 2016

A themed-restaurant on the island of Java, Indonesia, is making headlines, but not for the most appetising of reasons.

Jamban Cafe in Semarang is a toilet-themed restaurant where food is served in squat toilet bowls and diners dine while seated on porcelain thrones to complete the lavatorial experience.

"Jamban" means toilet in Indonesian and currently only accepts small group bookings.

The restaurant's signature dish is "bakso" — a traditional meatball soup. The drinks at Jamban Cafe are also served in the same manner.

For those with weak stomachs, sick bags are readily available at the restaurant.

Ironically, Jamban Cafe's owner, Budi Laksono, used to work for the Indonesian government as a public health expert. However, he claims his themed-restaurant is not meant to shock but instead he's seeking to draw attention to what he says are the third-world conditions that continue to plague the country.


Budi Laksono

CAFE JAMBAN. By WC4ALL DEPT. YWBS. didedikasikan untuk mendorong kepedulian kita semua bahwa WC adl penting dan bukan yg di belakangkan. Kenyataan 30% orang disrktr kita tidak punya Wc. Kotorannya nencemari lingkungan, sebarkan kuman tipus dll. Cafe di sini mkn dijamin steril. Tidak spt mkn disekitar kita yg ditinggal lalat dan debu. Ayo peduli dan bantu mereka disekitar kita masing2 u punya WC.



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