HomeChef of March Contest Prize Giving

PUBLISHED:Jun 08, 2016 | UPDATED:10:11 AM, Jun 08, 2016

The contest Become the HomeChef of March was held on March 2016. During this time contestants posted their recipes on HomeChef website. The contestants were judged by HomeChef team on the basis of the numbers of useful recipes posted by the HomeChefs, number of votes and number of followers.

For this contest  many Featured HomeChefs posted their recipes on HomeChef website. Among all the HomeChef's RIYA ZAKIR  has posted the highest number of recipes, and her recipes got the highest votes and followers.

On 4th June Mr Aftab Quaraish the co-founder and CTO of Foodiez handed over the prize of Become the HomeChef of March to the winner which was a Lumia Handset.

Co-founder of Foodiez Mr Aftab Quaraish giving away the first prize of the Become the HomeChef of March winner.

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