#Great8 Things You Can Make with Cornflakes

PUBLISHED:Oct 25, 2015 | UPDATED:07:20 AM, Oct 25, 2015

If you thought cornflakes were only to be enjoyed for breakfast, well you've been missing out! With some add-ons, the regular cereal can make masterpiece dishes for you to munch on all day long. Try these eight easy recipes at home and make the most of your cereal.


1. Cornflakes poha
The name itself surprises you? The taste will surprise you more when you replace flattened rice with cornflakes. Heat some oil and toss asafetida, curry leaves, mustard seeds, green chilli, roasted peanuts, salt and at the end the cornflakes in the pan and mix well.


2. Cornflakes ladoo
We usually have nariyal ke ladoo and boondi ke ladoo, but surprise yourself with some crunchy cornflakes ladoos? Mix 2 cups of cornflakes, cashews, grated dry coconut, condensed milk, sugar, ghee and make lemon sized ladoos with it.


3. Cheese cornflakes
Ever thought of having corn flakes with cheese? If not, then here's the recipe. All you will need is grated cheese, peanuts, butter, chilli powder and salt. Mix it all and microwave for one minute. Spread gooey cheese all over it and enjoy this amazing dish.


4. Paneer/Aloo cornflakes fritters
This snack can replace your good old pakodas in the monsoon or as an evening snack because let's face it- it's crunchier and tastier. The ingredients include paneer or boiled potato (according to your choice), ginger-green chilli paste, fennel seeds, chilli powder, garam masala and of course cornflakes. Mix all the ingredients and coat them generously with smashed cornflakes. Deep fry in oil and enjoy this kurkure pakoda with amchur powder sprinkled over it. Experiment with chicken if you are hungry for non-veg.


5. Cornflakes chaat
Who said chaats are good for snacks only? One plate of this low calorie chaat can enrich you with nutrients and fiber which you can have in your lunch as well. Take a bowl and add 4 spoons of curd, jeera powder and salt. In another bowl add conrnflakes, finely chopped onion, tomato, green chilli, cumcumber, chilli powder and at the end add the curd mixture over it and mix well. Enjoy the chaat by garnishing it with tamarind chutney and coriander leaves.

6. Fruit cornflakes yogurt
Yogurt gets an all new taste when you add fruit to it. And when you get the crunchy taste with every bite then it becomes a new meal that is actually healthy!


7. Cornflakes pancake
Replace your regular pancake with these crunchy and nutritious pancakes by just adding a big spoon of cornflakes in the batter. Enjoy this treat with a dollop of butter or syrup.


8. Cornflakes smoothie
Next time you are up for a homemade smoothie, bring the cornflakes box out of the cabinet and add a few spoons in the grinder along with the fruit and milk. You will thank us later for this amazing smoothie.


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