Great British Bake Off’s Nadiya Hussain has pissed off quite a few Bangladeshi people

PUBLISHED:Jun 22, 2016

Nadiya’s generalisations have annoyed people 


Nadiya Hussain has been busy promoting her cookbook in recent weeks, but has managed to piss off a few people.
Namely, people of Bangledeshi descent.

They criticise the Great British Bake Off champion over what they perceive to be gross generalisations of Bangledeshi culture and cuisine in an interview with the Guardian.

Nadiya tells the paper ‘there were no chairs back in Bangladesh and Dad wanted to keep the tradition, so we never owned a dining table’ as well as saying ‘the concept of dessert doesn’t exist in Bangladeshi cuisine’ or cheese.

‘Could you just please make corrections about the comments about Bangladesh having no desserts and not sitting on chairs being traditional?’ Afsana Islam writes.

Bangledeshi people are not happy with Nadiya’s comments


‘You have hurt the feelings of so many Bangladeshis that you can’t even imagine!’

‘I have no idea which Bangladesh she’s describing,’ Takreem Siddiqui said. ‘Desserts are widespread, and have been for a very long time-any tiny district town will have a ‘mishti’ (sweet) shop.

As are chairs in most formal houses and even establishments which serve the poor.’

Comments on the Guardian piece


Another Facebook user wrote: ‘Have you heard about Cottage cheese aka Chana !? I guess you didn’t unfortunately.’
Nadiya’s family come from Sylhet, a north-east city in Bangladesh, which many haev pointed out that her experience there is not representative of the entire Bangladeshi people.

‘Dont know how can someone say that Bangladeshi cuisine doesn’t have desserts,’ commented Farzana Romine.
‘Maybe not in Sylhet but Sylhet doesn’t represent whole Bangladesh.’ has contacted Nadiya’s reps for comment.



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