Grand opening of the Dhanmondi outlet of leading global franchise-bbq Bangladesh

PUBLISHED:Mar 01, 2016 | UPDATED:07:03 AM, Mar 01, 2016
bbq Bangladesh
Pizza, Fast Food, BBQ, Continental, Cafe
3rd floor of Plot-67, G.H.Heights, Satmasjid road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka


On Saturday, the 27th of February'16, well-renowned restaurant bbq Bangladesh opens an outlet at the 3rd floor of Plot-67,

G.H.Heights, Satmasjid road situated in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Already having opened their first and second outlets at Gulshan-2 and

Bailey Road respectively, this is to be the 3rd outlet of the popular and well-loved restaurant.

On the day of the event, Mr. Momin Ud Dowlah, Chairman and MD of BBQ Bangladesh and managing director of Eon group of

industries, welcomes special guests Md. Maududur Rashid Safdar of the government of people's republic of bangladesh and Parvez

Ahmed from the Bangladesh Tourism Corporation, along with the many directors of BBQ bangladesh and Eon Industries, one of the

many main agro-based institutions in Bangladesh.

The celebration was also graced by the presence of various bank and media representatives and workers of many different classes

and social dignities. Mr. Momin Ud Dowlah announces that as BBQ Bangladesh has rapidly grown to be one of the top choices of

the food-loving community, they will very soon be opening even more outlets around the country and providing more of the

best quality food they serve now to the local consumers.

Originated in South Korea in late 1995, the international frachise Premium Café BBQ has over 4000 outlets in over 60 countries

in the world, including US, China and many more. The name, often mistakenly thought of as barbeque, actually stands for Best of the

Best Quality.And you can be sure that is exactly what you'll get amongst the pizzas, pastas, rice, soups, chicken cooked in

countless ways and various other delicacies, all cooked in 100% pure olive oil just in case you're wondering. 

You can also choose from their wide options of fruit drinks and other beverages, including one of the best coffees in town, and

maybe even try out a choice of their delicious desserts.Treat yourself and your loved ones at the many outlets of BBQ Bangladesh,

with healthy food that's worth salivating over!

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