Food lovers rejoice as Matt Preston here to promote Rivoli

PUBLISHED:Mar 28, 2016 | UPDATED:08:12 AM, Mar 28, 2016

Matt Preston tasting Bakharkhani at Old Dhaka


Dhaka, Mar 27 (UNB) – Matt Preston, globally renowned food critic and one of the most recognisable faces of cooking reality show ‘Masterchef Australia’, is now in Dhaka to promote global cookie brand Rivoli in Bangladesh.

The food journalist arrived here on Thursday and will remain for at least a week to moderate a competition titled ‘Meet Matt’, which will be held in several super shops, including Meena Bazar, Shwapno and Dhali.

During his initial days in Dhaka, he was accompanied by media personality and stand-up comedian Naveed Mahbub in an expedition to discover the best food items Dhaka city has to offer.

Their ‘food-adventures’ led them to exploring Old Dhaka where Matt experienced authentic Bakharkhani, Kachchi Biryani from Grand Nawab to even Dhaka University area, where he expressed his surprise and delight after tasting ‘strawberry bhorta’ – a mixture of diced strawberries, salt, chilli flakes and mustard paste.

According to his post on Instagram, Matt intended to take the recipe home and try it for a new audience.

He also tried milk tea from the university’s TSC area, as well as street-side lemonade to beat the scorching heat.

Apart from his food journey, he also made time to visit historical locations such as Lalbagh Fort.

He is expected to visit more locations during his stay in Dhaka and make several promotional appearances to promote cookie brand Rivoli, of which he is a brand ambassador.



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