Do you have what it takes to own your own restaurant?

PUBLISHED:Mar 16, 2016 | UPDATED:07:48 AM, Mar 19, 2016

Daiyan Khan

If there’s anything in existence that is universal, it is the love we as a species have for food.

No one in your life will you come across, nor have I come across, that doesn’t adore food; period. Sure we all love eating food, some love preparing it. But what about those that take it one step further to open up their own restaurant?

Whenever you ask the owner of your new favorite food place what inspired them to start their business, you’re met with a run‐off‐the‐mill answer like how much they love food and want to bring it to the people. How they’re tired of their day job and want to “spice” things up (pun intended).Then rarely amongst all these do you come across those answers that leave you speechless.

Fancy a cliched love story turned happily‐ever‐after? Take the owner “Sweet Sensations”, an online home‐made bakery, for instance.

Marries her best friend, has two kids, and opens a bakery for the heck of it! Isn’t that “sweet”? She said the name came across her because she “wanted her food to give people a sweet sensation.”Piece of cake no?

Ever heard of a joke gone out of hand? 4 engineering students, a running joke about the lack of seafood in Dhanmondi, and Oregano was born.

(Only two of the said four were available sadly). An authentic European sea-food restaurant that doesn’t care if the general public leave them “fishy” reviews, but would rather stick to their European methods of cooking. Why Oregano, of all spices? One of the owners replied “because it’s the most used spice in cooking proper European sea-food. Also because it was usually the one spice we’d forget when we used to cook for ourselves”

Okay so we’ve all heard of upside down cakes right? But get this-

A 12kg upside down cake, hung upside down (does that technically make it right side up?). One of the many crazy creations of Madhatter events, who seem to be living up to their name.

Creations like the Baklava Cheesecake and Salted Caramel Popcorn cake, a love for all things Alice in Wonderland, and a certain fascination with the Mad Hatter, Mad hatter events was born.

We all have our own definitions of living the dream, but just hear me out okay.

A husband with a day job who owns Dhaka’s only video game rental site, a wife that owns a bakery that makes amazing strawberry cheesecake, and you have yourself Sugar Frost, another great online bakery, link to which is available below.

And last but not least we have those people whose restaurants bring to us amazing atmosphere, where good food is just a fringe benefit.

Tabaq Coffee, owned by a businessman turned food lover, sworn in to bringing people great coffee, and an even greater experience. Their motto is “Just a medium for a good time.” Fun fact, did you know that Tabaq is actually Arabic for “plate”?

So the logo is a play on how the half circle represents a roof, and food on a Tabaq (plate) and coffee under one roof, subtle yet very nicely done.

So if you come to think about it, what’s stopping you from opening your own restaurant and living out your dreams huh?

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