‘Dhaka Foodies Big Saturday Feast’ concludes in blaze of gluttony

PUBLISHED:Mar 07, 2016 | UPDATED:11:35 AM, Mar 07, 2016

Dhaka Foodies exhibited yet another food-lovers' Mecca under one roof, with Dhaka's best eateries embarking on serving their signature dishes


Dhaka, March 6 (UNB) – Dhaka Foodies, the country’s premier food startup, hosted yet another gastronomical exhibition titled ‘Big Saturday Feast’, in association with Coca Cola and Knorr, at the International Convention City, Bashundhara on Saturday.

Various food joints had an opportunity to delight the city’s food lovers with their culinary prowess, in an effort to showcase why the best in the business had their stalls set up over there.

That was evident as plastic plates were scattered even outside the venue, up until the entrance gate area. Although that constitutes littering (a discussion for another day), it also deduces good food.

Reputed food institutions in the exhibitions included Tabaq, Glazed, Tastebud, Sweet Sensations, Sugar Frost, Madhatter Events, George’s Café, Bengal Meat, Sbarro, Pizza La Vita, Live Kitchen, Madchef, Naga Inc, Cilantro, Khazana, Rice & Noodles, Oregano, Mysore Dosa, Nando’s, Luam’s, Veni Vidi Vici, Café Thirty3, Dosa Express, Chittagong Bull, Ghorowa, Beauty Lacchi & Faluda, Zerocal and Saffola.

‘With so many options to choose from, it was almost like the part from Sophie’s Choice,’ said Shahana, a visitor.


She intended to chow down on her desserts, frankly confessing she was less interested in giving her opinion than eager about finishing her plate of strawberry cream and de-la-cheese donuts from Glazed.

When asked about sales sometime in late in the afternoon, a staff member of Dhanmandi multi-cuisine joint Cilantro, wishing to remain anonymous, expressed his satisfaction.


‘It has been a busy first half, to be honest,’ he informed, ‘we had to replenish our stock quicker than we had anticipated’.

Arman Mohammed, co-founder and managing partner of Madchef, inferred that a significant boost would be induced late in the evening, once the office hours concluded.


With comfortable chairs accommodating all the food lovers and their plates, it was not only eating that their activities were restricted to.

Coca Cola had installed photo booths so that selfies and customised pictures can be taken by people, along with their friends and loved ones.

The event also housed a concert, with performances from rising stars such as Xefer Rahman, Rushnaf and a few others.

No food fair is complete without eating challenges and competitions, and they were abundant. Knorr had set up ice-cream eating time challenges, home chefs’ cooking competition and Naga Inc’s coveted Naga Challenge, which, although I failed to witness, must have turned up the heat on the contestants by more than just a few notches.

Another essential element during the Feast was the Daily Star Foodiez Choice Awards 2015, a yearly recognition programme initiated by Dhaka Foodies, where registered users on their website had the opportunity to vote the best restaurants in Dhaka in terms of cuisine.


Over 1.5 lakh ‘foodies’ voted and rated 748 restaurants in the city, where only a select few got the awards for their hard work and dedication to their craft. The winners were:

  • Best Bangladeshi Restaurant – Star Hotel and Kabab
  • Best Thai Restaurant – Café Thirty3
  • Best Bakery – Bread and Beyond
  • Best Continental Restaurant – bbq Bangladesh
  • Best Indian Restaurant – Khazana
  • Best Seafood Restaurant – Saltz
  • Best Italian Restaurant – Veni Vidi Vici
  • Best Mexican Restaurant – El Toro
  • Best Japanese Restaurant – Kobe
  • Best Chinese Restaurant – Hakka Dhaka
  • Best Online Bakery – Silver Spoon
  • Most Influential Restaurateur – Avishek Sinha, Khazana
  • Best Biryani Restaurant – Nanna Biryani
  • Best Fuchka Restaurant – dhaba
  • Best Coffee Shop – Tabaq
  • Best Newcomer – Takeout Burgers

The best part about the awards were that not only did all the restaurant owners show up, but they brought their family members, along with their chefs and Maitre’d, in recognition of the fact that running a restaurant is always a team effort and everybody deserves to revel in the success.

Mahfuz Anam, editor of The Daily Star, had high appreciation for the event’s organisers.

‘As the times are changing, the taste and expectations of people towards restaurants are changing. Dhaka Foodies has done a fantastic job in this regard and the Daily Star takes great pleasure in teaming up with an innovative partner like them and being with the contemporary trends’. He aso  opined that all these are signs of Bangladesh evolving into a more matured nation.

Syed Ashiqur Rahman, founder of Dhaka Foodies, expressed immense satisfaction with the outcome of the event.

‘It is a packed house. I’m happy that 45 partners were on board with this project, from food/beverage partners to logistics, all to ensure that people enjoyed coming here and eating wholeheartedly,’ he surmised.

He pledged that Dhaka Foodies will continue to organise such events and hope to make it a premier source of entertainment and activities for Dhaka’s residents – something which is rarely found in our everyday lives.


Although what Ashiqur said portrays a stark reality of Dhaka city, one can only anticipate that food can be that integral element of our culture which can bind all of us together under one roof and eat like there is no tomorrow – after all, our souls are bare when we eat (kind of like our minds running on airplane mode when we eat).

Biggest Hits of Dhaka Foodies Big Saturday Feast

In case you may have missed out, and I am sure most of you did

  • Mezbani platter at Chittagong Bull (Tk. 300 – Beef Kala Bhuna, Chona Daal & Steamed Rice)
  • Luam’s Thai Platter for Tk. 300 (included everything from Wontons to Fried Rice for one)
  • Nando’s Perrific Meal (a quarter chicken/burger with a regular side of rice/fries and a carbonated drink)
  • Mysore Dosa’s Chilli Idly
  • Naga Inc’s True Naga (Tk. 250 for a single beef patty and the usual condiments, with double the spice)
  • Sbarro’s NY Cheese Pizza Slice (at Tk. 165, a bit steep as VAT takes it to Tk. 195, but the complimentary chilly flakes and parmesan cheese came free)
  • Tabaq’s cheesecake brownie
  • Tastebud’s cupcakes (too cute to be eaten, honestly speaking)
  • Glazed’s myriad of donut flavours (strawberry and chocolate for most, Tk. 110 a piece)

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