Colorado McDonald’s Offers First Marijuana Friendly Smoking Section

PUBLISHED:Oct 11, 2015 | UPDATED:08:37 AM, Oct 11, 2015

Boulder, Colorado – 15 Colorado McDonald franchises have announced that they are converting the McDonald’s Play Place areas into marijuana friendly smoking areas.

Each facility will consist of 15 smoking pods in which customers can smoke a joint, bong, or pipe without being harassed or bothered by people who are offended by it.

Each pod not only contains the marijuana smoke within it’s small space, but also it repels the smell of the marijuana through a ventilation tube above the pod.

So, although the doors are sealed in this previous “Play Place” location, the smell of marijuana will not seep into the main restaurant as people enter and exit the facility.

Two restaurants in Denver, Colorado have successfully converted the play areas into a marijuana smoking section, with the other 13 franchises to complete renovations by the end of 2015.

As for now, McDonald’s will not be getting into the sale of marijuana or marijuana edibles. However, they do welcome their patrons to have a smoke before ordering.

GREEN RUSH DAILY has not confirmed whether or not this story is true. Either way someone should step up and do this, franchise it and become the next billionaire.

Until then try some of McDonald’s new fries.



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