Biggest fast Food Burgers that you can Eat!

PUBLISHED:Mar 17, 2018 | UPDATED:06:14 AM, Mar 18, 2018

Tour De Cyclist

Location: Mirpur 11

Cuisine: Burgers

Tour De Cyclist is the first Cycle themed restaurant in Dhaka and one of the new favorite burger places for all burger lovers of Mirpur. Their most trending burger at the moment is the “Six Pack" burger, consisting of 6 patties and 3 layers of cheese. It is safe to say; the Six Pack is the biggest burger in town which is over 500gms of meat. The beef patties are made with the premium beef keema from Bengal meat, and their house made barbeque sauce just adds more depth to the flavor. This burger might not give you a 6 pack, but it will definitely please your taste buds, and a burger suited for the king. The gigantic Six Pack burgers costs BDT600.  

Café Login

Location: Panthapath

Cuisine: Burgers, Shakes

Located in Sabamun Tower of Green Road, Café Login has introduced a new burger, known as the Blast Pepperoni Stick. This juicy, full of delicious-housemade sauces burger is made of 180gm chicken stick, 25gm pepperoni, with a slice of Cheddar cheese, Hidden mozzarella cheese layers, and finally their Special garlic mayo. This is the burger for all pepperoni lovers, and all this for only BDT300.

Mumin Foods

Location: Uttara

Cuisine: Burger

Mumin Foods is well known for serving the biggest and messiest burgers in town. Their burgers are filled with tender patties, overloaded with sauces and filling fro the appetite. Don’t miss out their Extreme Gourmand burger for only BDT440.


Location: Banani

Cuisine: Multi -cuisine

Foodbook's interior is smartly designed and lives up to its name as a social network-themed lounge. By the entrance you will find a photo booth that mirrors a Facebook profile page where people can take photos. Try their Chicago Big Fat Burger, which is a 5-patty burger, with loads of crunchy onions, pickled jalapeno and loads of cheese. Each and every patty is extremely juicy and succulent and full of flavor. The Chicago Big Fat Burger costs BDT570+.

Smoke Music Café

Location: Banani

Cuisine: Mexican, Italian, American

The restaurant that started it all, the whole trend of gigantic burgers-Smoke Music Burger. Located on the top floor of Hakkam Foundation, Banani 11, Smoke Music Café is an astoundingly well decorated and spacious restaurant. Their Fat Boy Burger is the classic huge burger. It consists of 3 stages of perfect Beef patty, with onion, lettuce, spicy sauce, pickles. It also comes with a meal of French fries and a soft drink; all this for only BDT485++.

smoky uttara banani burgers
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