After diner posts image of his KFC Rice Box, others share food horrors

PUBLISHED:Oct 10, 2015 | UPDATED:08:27 AM, Oct 11, 2015

Fast-food customers have shared images of their disappointing meals after a KFC diner was left upset when his rice box looked nothing like the advertisement. 
Domino's pizza, a Burger King burrito and a Subway cheese toastie all left diners feeling disgruntled due to their unappetising presentation. 
Online user atheistlee started a thread on Reddit complaining about the quality of his chicken takeaway meal, writing: 'It cost me £6.09 which is about $9.25. I don't expect it to look perfect, but I do expect more than a tiny scoop of rice and half a chicken breast.' 


Chloe Venables took a picture of her broken Domino's pizza which arrived, left, compared to the advertised dish which costs £9.99 for a medium pizza


Jeremy Morgan bought a Breakfast Burrito from Burger King expecting to see this costing $3.89 (£2.54) in the US, right, but was given a soggy wrap with a brown mushy filling


Other customers left disappointed have shared their pictures to show the gulf between the adverts and the real deal.
Chloe Venables took a picture of her Domino's pizza which appeared to have taken a bashing on route to her house and looked remarkably different from the golden pizza featured in the company's advert.

A Burger King customer who bought a Breakfast Burrito from the chain was left puzzled. Jeremy Morgan expected to see a wrap filled with vegetables and meat patty but received a soggy wrap filled with brown mush.
Subway advertise their cheese toastie as a golden brown baguette with a generous portion of cheese on top, but Kevin Burrell was disappointed to find just a drizzle of cheese on top of hardly toasted bread when he bought one in Gateshead. 


Domino's customer Lucy Botham was looking forward to tucking into some freshly-baked doughnuts 


But she was outraged after her doughnuts arrived covered in burn marks. She said: 'They come out of a freezer and are reheated. They offered me a coke as an apology'


Kevin Burrell bought a cheese toastie from Subway, as advertised costing 89p with a golden helping of cheese


But what he actually bought from the Subway at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead was bread with a meagre topping


The picture on the left shows the rice box as advertised while the one on the right is the real-life version and costs £4.99 


Lucy Botham was looking forward to tucking into some freshly-baked doughnuts from Domino's. However, she was outraged when her sugary treat arrived covered in burn marks. She said: 'They come out of a freezer and are reheated. They offered me a coke as an apology.'
John Patrick Lopez ordered a cheese and bacon roll from an American fast food chain and found in contrast to the filled sandwich in the advert, his was practically empty.
Another Domino's customer shared their disappointment at receiving a misshapen pepperoni pizza while the advert showed a glossy pizza with plenty of topping.
Chris Fiery shared a picture of his burger which instead of being golden brown like the advert and costs $2 in Singapore, was almost burnt and lumpy with the topping splattered on.


Another Dominos's customer was disappointed with a squished pizza which arrived with misshapen pepperoni despite costing £12.99, left, in comparison to the advert, right


Domino's customer James Houston was unhappy to see that his pizza was missing quite a lot of the cheese topping and appeared to have been thrown around in the box 


An Australian fast food restaurant called 7-Eleven showed a cheese and bacon roll, right, but John Patrick Lopez found a hollow piece of bread with little filling, left


Chris Fiery bought  a KFC burger with the filling spilling out and a misshaped patty, left, while the advert shows a golden burger which costs $2 in Singapore, right


It was a picture of a KFC ricebox compared to the advertised version which sparked customers to share their pictures.
The Reddit thread 'What I thought I was eating, what I actually got' highlights the contrast between the well-lit and stylised version used to sell the product next to the reality - limp pieces of battered chicken covered in white sauce resting atop soggy, over-cooked rice.  
'The portion size was mainly the reason why I was p****d and for those asking it didn't really taste very good either, the chicken was very tough and rice stone cold.
His original post currently has 462 comments with a majority of users echoing his sentiments. 
However some accused him of over-reacting.
'Almost as ridiculous as thinking youre [sic] going to get some quality food from a kfc,' Scuba_Stevo wrote.

On Twitter, Tommy posted: 'The KFC ricebox looks nothing like the one they show you on the advert btw'


Twitter user Rachel was also unhappy, writing: 'I tried the rice box from kfc last night it was terrible'


The original advertisement posted by KFC on its Twitter account. The brand says that the rice boxes contain rice, bean salsa, sour cream, lettuce, and a choice of chicken; Original Recipe, Zinger or Pulled Chicken


Twitter users have also been voicing their dissatisfaction with the new product. 
User Tommy wrote: 'The KFC ricebox looks nothing like the one they show you on the advert btw'. 
Another user Rachel posted: 'I tried the rice box from kfc last night it was terrible.' 
To launch the new Riceboxes, KFC challenged a fashion designer Katie Eary to create a S/S '16 collection in a lunch hour. 
The fast-food giant was hoping to cash into September's London Fashion Week mania.

The riceboxes, which are advertised at £4.99 , contain Tex Mex rice, spicy bean salsa, sour cream, lettuce, and a choice of chicken; Original Recipe, Zinger or Pulled Chicken. 
According to a press release from the brand, the boxes contain 'around or under 500 calories'. 
When contacted for comment, a spokesperson from told FEMAIL: 'We are really sorry about this. Clearly this ricebox was not served as it should have been and we are in contact with the customer to apologise. 
'We are also reminding all of our restaurants of the right way to serve Riceboxes. We always want our customers to be happy with both the look and taste of their food so this is very disappointing.' 

Photographer Dario D decided to find out how many fast food products actually looked like their advert. This Big Mac couldn't reach the same height as the advertised burger


Dario D even found that the advertised Big Mac would be far too big for its box


This isn't the first time a big food brand has been accused of peddling a product which looks nothing like the ones advertised.
Photographer Dario D was fed up with disappointing purchases and decided to see how the food sold over the counter matched up to the promised product.
He bought burgers and tacos from some of the biggest chains and set them up in his studio for a professional standard photo shoot.


The photographer gave the BK Whopper another try - but it still couldn't quite live up to its promise


When he bought a Whopper from Burger King, Dario found that his purchase fell a little flat compared with the one packed with tomato, lettuce, onion and pickles in the ad


It wasn't just burgers that fell short of expectations. Dario D bought the crunchy taco on the right from Taco Bell, expecting something looking like the one on the left


The photographer found that most of the burgers he bought were not quite as tall as the adverts promised they would be.
In fact, Big Macs would struggle to fit inside their boxes if they matched their picture.
And another McDonald's burger, the Angus Deluxe Third Pounder, would have the same trouble.
Dario D embarked on the project following: 'a lifetime of disappointment, bafflement, and rage', posting the results on his website.
He gave Burger King's Whopper a few tries, but after slightly squashed results could only conclude: 'They need to fire the guy who does his yoga on top of the Whoppers.'



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