40 fantastic culinary tips from Jamie Oliver to make you a master chef

PUBLISHED:Nov 10, 2015 | UPDATED:07:18 AM, Nov 10, 2015

Jamie Oliver is an outstanding and very talented professional chef from the UK. He’s the author of many best-selling cookery books, and has presented a number of entertaining and informative cooking shows.

For both those who do and do not know their way around the kitchen, here are 40 fantastic tips from this culinary master to bring you one step closer to master chef status.

* When making homemade burgers or cutlets, make sure your hands are continuously warm, so that the raw meat doesn’t stick to

   your fingers or palms.

* If you can’t find one or other ingredient, either replace it or forget about it. The chances are your dish will still be delicious!

* You cannot taste anchovies in things like pasta, but they’re a very healthy product


* The easiest way to peel a pomegranate is to cut it in half first.

* To make sure your pasta doesn’t become sticky or dry, always leave a little water in the pan.

* Smoked bacon gives all kinds of food — from fish to chicken — a wonderful aroma.

* To get rid of any excess moisture in a potato, drain the water from the pot and cover it with either a towel or some newspaper,       which will absorb any liquid.


* To get more juice out of a lime, first roll it along the table, pressing down gently.

* To pit olives easily, crush them on the table using the bottom of a bowl.

* To get more flavour out of your herbs, crush them in a mortar and sprinkle with olive oil.

* The pips of apricots give a salad a flavour of Amaretto.

* Always grate lemon zest with the finest section of the grater.


* Try to cut lemon peel as thinly as possible with a sharp, small knife. Avoid the white layer underneath the skin.

* Add some pineapple to your food if you want to make it less fatty.

* Aubergines need to be steamed for only a few minutes.

* A piece of paper will absorb excess fat from chicken.


* Always boil fresh beetroot in salted water.

* Sprinkle a tablespoon of ordinary flour onto meat when frying it. The meat will end up covered in a crispy upper layer.

* You don’t need to add oil to a frying pan prior to frying fish; instead, just rub the fish itself against the surface.

* A mixture of crab meat and grapefruit juice is great for spreading on toast for an unusual snack, and it can also be added to pasta   if you’re feeling adventurous.

* Dried peel turns milk and sauce into something resembling curd.

* Only mix herbs in with potatoes right before serving.

* You can make a garlic paste just by crushing finely chopped pieces of it with a knife blade and adding salt.

* A quick way to make a tasty dressing: mix sorrel and fennel with lemon juice.

* Beat sugar and eggs together over boiling hot water.

* It’s always best to add mint at the start of cooking/frying.

* To make chili peppers less hot, wash them in a large amount of water and remove the core and seeds.

* Sprinkle salt on an onion and fry it on a low heat to avoid the unpleasant smell.

* To make sure fish doesn’t get stuck to the grill, rub salt on it. This absorbs the excess moisture and prevents it from sticking.

* Vermouth gives rice an unusual but interesting flavour when it’s being used for risotto.

* To heat up honey, place the entire jar in a saucepan of hot water.


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