15 Most mispronounced food names ever

PUBLISHED:Oct 17, 2015 | UPDATED:08:12 AM, Oct 20, 2015

Globalization has brought the world’s cuisine at our feet. While we savour the amazing world delicacies, Mispronounced Food Words are the new oops in the food industry. We may have all the knowledge of the world about food and cuisines, but there is one place where we are lagging and that is pronouncing them correctly. After a lot of brainstorming we bring to you these minimalist designs that will give you 15 Mispronounced Food Words along with their correct pronunciations. These will help you to say it correctly the next time you are ordering your favourite dish.

We have just tried to put across the way these food words are pronounced originally. Dialectal variations will be there across all countries. Our attempt is to get to the root of the origin of these food words and check how they are pronounced in the place of their origin. If you think that there are several other words that you’d like us to add to this list, please share in comments. This is not attempt to insult, put down or mock anyone’s pronunciation pattern. This is just an attempt to show you how the world pronounces a certain food word based on it’s area and culture of origin. Whether you’d like to pick these up or not is entirely a personal choice. We have listed down some of the most basic food items that have now found a way in our kitchens and dinner tables. There are several others of course, but keeping in mind the universality of the ingredients we listed down these 15 that are used across the globe.

Have a look!

Mispronounced Food Words issue solved!

If you have any more, do share in comments and your name could feature in our next design!

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