10 Ramadan Specials around the Globe

PUBLISHED:Jun 22, 2016 | UPDATED:11:15 PM, Jun 21, 2016

In Bangladesh we know, the month of Ramadan is a month long food fest and it corresponds to piyaju, beguni, chola bhuna, jilapi and other delicacies on the Iftar table in a typical Muslim household.
But here's what the rest of our brothers and sisters around the globe are having for Iftar .

1.Dahi vadey: India

Lentil dumplings that are soaked in a spicy yogurt sauce. 

2.Haleem: Middles East , Central and Southeast Asia

A slow-cooked stew of meat, bulgur wheat, and lentils. 

3.Chicken 65: India

Spicy, bite-sized pieces of chicken that are marinated and deep-fried. Just incase you're wondering, this yum piece of meat gets its name from the year it got introduced in,1965, at a Buhari restaurant in Chennai.

4.Ramazan Kebabi: Turkey

A dish made with lamb, onions, yogurt, and pita bread.

5.Ful medammes: North Africa

 Fava beans cooked with garlic and spread on bread.

6.Paomo: China

A bread and mutton soup.

7.Chapatis: Southeast Asia

Unleavened flatbread that is rolled up with vegetables and meats.

8.Fattoush: Lebanon and Arab countries

 A salad made of vegetables and pita bread.

9.Konafah: Middle East

A pastry made with phyllo dough and cheese.

10.Kolak: Indonesia

A fruit dessert made with palm sugar, coconut milk, and pandanus leaf. Fruits, such as jackfruit or banana, or mung beans are added.

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