What to eat with Panta Bhaat other than Ilish, this Pohela boishakh

PUBLISHED:Apr 05, 2018 | UPDATED:04:13 PM, Apr 07, 2018

Begun Bhaja

Begun Bhaja is a traditional Bengali style side dish of delicately spiced slices of aubergine that are then fried to a crisp and usually served with the panta bhaat. The begun bhaja is crunchy, yet soft. Traditionally the begun bhaja is prepared with mustard oil, turmeric is a must and minimal of spices used to give you that good burst of flavors. You will enjoy the flavour of this Bengali Begun Bhaja, with its peppy blend of spice and tang!


Achars are spicy pickle. Achars are an important part of Bangladeshi foods. Achar adds tangy, spicy flavor to regular food. They may be freshly made or pickled stuff. Mango achar, tetul achar, roshun’er achar, tomato achar adds amazing flavor to food.

Assortment of Bangladeshi Bhortas

Bhortas’ are a must with panta bhaat and the ultimate comfort food of Bengalis. Bhortas are smooth, flavorful and delicious mashed goodies, made with variety of vegetables or dried fish, which is mixed with onions, mustard oil, garlic and red chili. Aloo bhorta, Dim (egg) bhorta, begun (eggplant) bhorta is a must to accompany Nobo Borsho meal. Daal bhorta, tomato bhorta, shukti bhorta, onion-chili bhorta, taki maach er bhorta are great options too.

Fried Omlette (Dim Bhaja)

Fried omlette is another item to add on your panta bhaat side. The egg is fried with finely diced onions and chili. The item might sound simple, but dim bhaja with panta bhaat tastes nothing short of extra-ordinary.

Aloo Dum

A signature Bengali dish, Aloo Dum is every Bengalis favourite soul food. The curry is made with baby potatoes simmered in onion and yogurt, spiced beautifully with turmeric, red chili, garam masala and a hint of dried fenugreek leaves! The dish altogether is a burst of different flavors and textures in your mouth.

Muri Ghonto

It is an open secret that we Bengalis love fish; be it sea fish, river fish, small or large fish. Chunks of fish head is fried in pure mustard oil, slowly cooked with rice with an amazingly balanced mix of spices, till the whole dish is absolutely dry and resembles a rich pulao with sparing amounts of rice . Muri Ghonto is mostly served as a side dish with rice.  

Dudh Puli

The crescent shaped dumplings filled with coconut stuffing are steamed in cardamom and cinammon infused milk.  The filling gives a fabulous texture to the soft rice skin with luscious milk sauce. Because after every main course, a desert is a must!



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